Step 4: Turn it on

Picture of Turn it on
Once it gets dark, turn it on and adjust as needed.

Once again, the camera doesn't do this illusion justice. It looks very good in person.

Watch the video to get an idea of how it looks:

akillys6 years ago
I may be stupid buy could you apply this to just regular tv or when your playing video games to give you a holographic experience or no?
It probably wouldn't but you never know til you try
I'm going to make a Miku hologram. :D
coleslaw36 years ago
they did this on youtube but your instructables where a little easier to follow
TrIAd219916 years ago
one word : Youtube
quail7 years ago
Some years back, 2004 maybe, I saw a kit you'd buy at Spencer's to do this trick. It included a piece of plexiglass, a DVD of several floating heads, and for extra money a smoky crystal ball. The television and DVD player you had to supply yourself. Thought it the coolest thing but they wanted like over $100 for the kit. Makes me want to go looking for copyright free movies with creepy faces now to make my own.
where do you get a movie like that for your computer???
and I thought that you needed a super hi-tech projector and crazy expensive junk to make a good hologram, I guess I was wrong! Thanks for the great Halloween idea