In this instructable, you will learn to make a cool logo for yourself like the pros in 5 minutes or less! The example I have provided is very basic, but you can get much cooler results if you get more involved. I am using Photoshop CS3, but I'm sure it will work with earlier versions or other programs. Let's get started!

Step 1: Step 1: Getting Started

OK, here we go. Start with a new blank document. I used 500x500, but you can use whatever works for you. This concept is very adaptable.
<p>i have selected the pen as you said but when i try painting it black , no change</p>
<p>In my honest opinion I prefer to use Corel when working on my designs. It's more accurate and has many more possibilities than Photoshop. I suggest checking this article out http://www.coreldraw.com/en/pages/logo-design/ and if there are beginners reading this, my suggestion is to work with Corel instead of Photoshop because it is easier. :)</p>
<p>sialan... harus premium segala -_-&quot;</p>
<p>Thanks for this tutorial, I really need it :)</p>
<p>Logo defines the identity of the company and hence extra care needs to be taken while designing a Logo. I would not recommend you to design logo of your own company if you don't have eexpertise in that. A logo should be designed with proper logic. If you don't have much experience in the field of Logo Designing that please get in touch with Eonian Brand Ideas India: http://www.eonian.co.in/logo-design/ </p>
<p>You share your tutorial with 10 pages for 10 steps! I think you did it to get more page view. Am I right? Ok, I understand it! No problem. Thanks for sharing these steps to make a cool logo in photoshop. But I was looking for more advanced tutotials and finaly I find this one: http://www.advancedphotoshoptutorial.com</p>
Go research the actual purpose of logos and get back to me on this tutorial.
I second that.
<p>Agreed. Lots more goes into logo creation than playing with Photoshop. One of the big reasons you need to use vector is to allow the logo to be scalable and not lose quality. Photoshop is a raster (pixels (little squares) ) program and you cannot make a logo any larger than the original size without some big problems. </p>
Indeed. There's a reason companies invest millions of dollars into their corporate identity. Playing with Photoshop like this isn't one of them. Sorry. First hint: 'vector'
<p>professional artist and designer here, over 10 years of experience and i have to agree with the other pro comments. i would highly recommend NOT following any of the advice on this page; photoshop is not for logos and shouldn't be substitute, unless of course you consider being honest and upfront with your clients that in the future what you provide will need more work. This tutorial may help you appear to be professional but I assure you that your final product you provide will be far less than. And I can definitely tell you that using a 500x500 pixel template is not going to work and saying the concept is &quot;very adaptable&quot; could not be more wrong. This person does not understand the basic technicalities of graphic design; this tutorial makes that very clear to those of us who do. </p>
Photoshop very recomment for make logo just manipulation of pics.. i used corel draw because it's a vector, You can zoom or resize the pics so then dehiscent.<br><br>Via: <a href="http://desainavirss.com" rel="nofollow">Desainavirss</a>
<p>Useful tutorial, I want to make a nice logo for my webiste http://googlewebtech.blogspot.com if anyone interested to work so kindly contact.</p>
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<p>I start a page and i want a logo. This was very useful, simple and nice. <br>Thanks :)</p>
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<p>Thanks for this. Since I don't have a global company and millions of dollars to invest in a logo, this served the purpose of offering access into Photoshop so that I can fool around myself.</p>
<p>oh so sweet!!</p>
I think it's nice. Just a tutorial on how to make something basic for personal use. I really appreciate it! Totally helped me out thank you!
Lol this is alryte for a simple logo design. But it's not realy advanced , last night a made a ball type logo with chrome bits on it took me 30 mins and that's advanced... and did you say you use VISTA , because if you want to be a real logo designer it is better to have XP because vista slow's your performance right down due to how many processes are running at once ... ( i may make a tutorial in a bit)
Sorry, I guess that my point is being misconstrued. I didn't intend for this to be a replacement for a multi-million dollar identity or a corporate logo, I just meant it to be a nice personal design. Thanks for all the comments!
Vista!!!! *Growls* Get aways!!! Otherwise, pretty simplistic but decent looking effects.<br/><br/>-Punk<br/>

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