Make a cool logo in Photoshop in 10 minutes or less!

Picture of Make a cool logo in Photoshop in 10 minutes or less!
In this instructable, you will learn to make a cool logo for yourself like the pros in 5 minutes or less! The example I have provided is very basic, but you can get much cooler results if you get more involved. I am using Photoshop CS3, but I'm sure it will work with earlier versions or other programs. Let's get started!
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Step 1: Step 1: Getting Started

Picture of Step 1: Getting Started
OK, here we go. Start with a new blank document. I used 500x500, but you can use whatever works for you. This concept is very adaptable.

Step 2: Drawing the Basic Form

Picture of Drawing the Basic Form
Now, get out your pen tool (shortcut "p"). Draw a line with it, then grab the point where your line ended and drag it a bit. If you still don't understand this, play around a bit with the pen tool and you'll get it. It's a valuable skill to have. The picture illustrates what I ended up with, a very basic pen shape. If you have not already, make sure the shape is filled with black, or the darkest that you are going to go with whatever color you are using.

Step 3: Layering up the Logo

Picture of Layering up the Logo
In this step, you'll start to see the logo itself take shape. What I like to do is go to the layer with the shape on it and select all (ctrl+a) and copy and paste (ctrl+c, ctrl+v) which should copy the shape to a new layer. Then transform that newly copied shape (ctrl+t) so that it is smaller than the original. A good tip for keeping the dimensions correct is to hold shift while you are transforming. Load the selection (select, load selection) and use the paint bucket tool to fill it with a slightly lighter color. It is important to load the selection instead of just filling it, as if you do not, then the shape will appear to have jagged edges.

Step 4: Time for a progress check!

Picture of Time for a progress check!
At this point, you should have something like this.

Step 5: Adding More of the Same...

Picture of Adding More of the Same...
Just repeat step 3 now.

It's very useful and nice.

WilliamB121 month ago

Useful tut even great for the beginners to learn.

Go research the actual purpose of logos and get back to me on this tutorial.
I second that.

Agreed. Lots more goes into logo creation than playing with Photoshop. One of the big reasons you need to use vector is to allow the logo to be scalable and not lose quality. Photoshop is a raster (pixels (little squares) ) program and you cannot make a logo any larger than the original size without some big problems.

Indeed. There's a reason companies invest millions of dollars into their corporate identity. Playing with Photoshop like this isn't one of them. Sorry. First hint: 'vector'

Nice article. I read it with pleasure.

People who don't know how to begin to create logos must read this article

KerynC6 months ago

Thanks for this. Since I don't have a global company and millions of dollars to invest in a logo, this served the purpose of offering access into Photoshop so that I can fool around myself.

oh so sweet!!

genncis8 months ago
rbirri2 years ago
I think it's nice. Just a tutorial on how to make something basic for personal use. I really appreciate it! Totally helped me out thank you!
hazzy15 years ago
Lol this is alryte for a simple logo design. But it's not realy advanced , last night a made a ball type logo with chrome bits on it took me 30 mins and that's advanced... and did you say you use VISTA , because if you want to be a real logo designer it is better to have XP because vista slow's your performance right down due to how many processes are running at once ... ( i may make a tutorial in a bit)
LingLing1337 (author) 6 years ago
Sorry, I guess that my point is being misconstrued. I didn't intend for this to be a replacement for a multi-million dollar identity or a corporate logo, I just meant it to be a nice personal design. Thanks for all the comments!
Punkguyta7 years ago
Vista!!!! *Growls* Get aways!!! Otherwise, pretty simplistic but decent looking effects.