Picture of Make a custom Wonderland snow globe/house
Remember Alice in Wonderland growing as big as a house? My good friend Kleenie certainly does! As she wanted to do something around that theme and with me being into making snow globes lately, I made her a “Kleenie in Wonderland snow house”.  Making the house a "glass" one and adding snow makes the adventure of Alice/Kleenie even a little more crazy. And Kleeny likes things a little crazy.
In this Instructable I explain the preparations needed to get everything to fit together, I give sculpting tips on making the polymer clay figure (in particular the hands) and I explain how to make the house.

You can make this as easy or as elaborate as you want. You can easily adapt the subject to your sculpting experience. Making the house or another self made "container" can be a bit tricky. It took me two and a half attempts to get it both clean and watertight. But by sharing what I learned I hope you will be able to get it right the first time. I also give some general tips on making snow globes with ready made globes, which is easier of course.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
For the figure:
polymer clay of the desired colours or mixed to the desired colours (I use Fimo Soft )
a toothpick and other sculpting tools you like to use.
brass, copper or other corrosion resistant  wire about 1mm diameter, about 1m length.
a drill bit 1mm with a diameter fitting the wire
a sharp hobby knife
fine sand paper (320 to 400 grit)
pencil, paper, cardboard & tape
For the "house":
clear acrylic sheet. I prefer relatively thick sheet, 4 mm, in order to get enough surface for a strong glued joint. I ordered pieces of 90 by 120 mm from, to save time in cutting. I needed 7 pieces, but I was happy to have order some more to practice.
A saw suitable for acrylic sheet (on for metals usually is)
waterproof clear glue for acrylic sheet (e.g. Acrifix® 192 by Evonik Industries at
non-stick (baking) paper
a piece of right angled profile to use as a gluing jig
coarse sanding paper (60 to 80 grit) and/or a large hand-file
a couple of cm of clear acrylic tube, about 0.5 to 1 cm diameter.
a drill and drill bit with the same diameter as the tube.
a funnel fitting the tube
some masking tape
Instead of making a house or another clear container you can also buy “snow globes” from the range of Fimo accessories.

To fill it up:
distilled water
a drop of dish washing detergent
“snow globe snow” (available from EberhardFaber, as is Fimo)
water clarifying agent for snow globes (Fimo accessories, I guess it's optional, but if you want people to enjoy your work for a long time...)

masynmachien (author) 2 years ago
You're welcome and thank YOU.
Please send pictures of the result.
poofrabbit2 years ago
Oh I adore this! I am going to make one for a paperweight on my desk! Thanks for the fantastic idea!
TheGreatS3 years ago
I can't help but feel sorry for the girl in there. Brilliant work nonetheless.
lblack63 years ago
замечательно !!!
spylock3 years ago
creeepy,but cooll looking,
Darn, she looks like she's drowning in there! Good job though.
masynmachien (author)  americangirlhood4 years ago

After a couple of days it looks more clear. When the last airbubbles attached to figure have dissapeared it doesn't look like water any more.
But she still looks very much trapped though. ;-)
lpoop4 years ago
u did a good job these r sweet nice
erosser5 years ago
Really cool idea!  You're very talented.

How on earth did you get interested in snowglobes as a hobby? 
masynmachien (author)  erosser5 years ago

One source of inspiration was a crafts set my daughter got, with snow globes to be filled with plasticine figures.

Another inspiration came when I saw another good friend, who is very fond of snow globes, walking in the snow. So I made a snow globe with a polymer clay statuette of her in it.
 Wow, awesome.  What a fun way to make personalized gifts!

Keep on craftin'!  Looking forward to seeing i'bles for any future projects you dream up!
masynmachien (author)  erosser5 years ago
Thank you.