Step 8: Try it out

Picture of Try it out
Check the fit. The template should get you close, I didn't have to do any additional trimming. If it can't be smoothed against the inside of your windshield and still wants to buckle, take the sunshade out, trim a little from the edge, and try again. Don't get aggressive on the trimming, if you remove too much a gap will be left for the sun, so take it slow and easy.

Now you should have a sunshade that: fits your vehicle, requires less wrestling, and does a better job of keeping the sun out. Enjoy!
For a final touch you could sew a piece of fabric the finish the edge like the original, should be pretty easy with a sewing machine.
notalis19703 years ago
This would be a nice gift for my 19 year old daughter, the girl who has it all. But if I want to decorate it what would be the best medium? I'm afraid paint markers would chip after folding. i think she'd like some metal band logo or maybe a big "bazinga!" from Big Bang Theory on it...what do you suggest?
I would suggest markers such as the various colored Sharpie Markers. They are permanent, wont flake off, come in many colors, and would look great on the mylar.