Step 8: Try It Out

Check the fit. The template should get you close, I didn't have to do any additional trimming. If it can't be smoothed against the inside of your windshield and still wants to buckle, take the sunshade out, trim a little from the edge, and try again. Don't get aggressive on the trimming, if you remove too much a gap will be left for the sun, so take it slow and easy.

Now you should have a sunshade that: fits your vehicle, requires less wrestling, and does a better job of keeping the sun out. Enjoy!
<p>I also made one for my back window. My car has a hard top that I have to take off and store if I want to use my convertible top and the shape of the back window is different on both tops so I had to make 2. Sorry I didn't take pictures but you do the same as for the front. Thanks for a cool idea.</p>
<p>Still quite useful after all these years! Even though I bought enough painter's tape and masking paper to make templates for like 15 cars, my total cost was under $10. Thanks!</p>
<p>very nice, i would duct tape around the edges for longer lasting.</p>
This would be a nice gift for my 19 year old daughter, the girl who has it all. But if I want to decorate it what would be the best medium? I'm afraid paint markers would chip after folding. i think she'd like some metal band logo or maybe a big &quot;bazinga!&quot; from Big Bang Theory on it...what do you suggest?
I would suggest markers such as the various colored Sharpie Markers. They are permanent, wont flake off, come in many colors, and would look great on the mylar.
Sharpie ink won't be permanent on this material. I have tried using it for a fancy dress costume, and the ink barely adheres to the material and just smears if touched anyway.
nice one,<br><br>you may also use soft pvc roof insulation sheets, the one with aluminum foil at one side, these comes in many thickness, just buy a 1.5 meter length from your nearest hardware and cut to your size.
For a final touch you could sew a piece of fabric the finish the edge like the original, should be pretty easy with a sewing machine.
Do you have to add anything to the cut edging like a hem so it doesn't fray or get pieces of the sunshade get all over the car?<br><br>Thanks in advance for your response. I will be making one of these very soon.
All someone needs to do is add eyes to this and you have your own Disney Pixar <a rel="nofollow" href="http://disney.go.com/disneyvideos/animatedfilms/cars/">Car</a>! Kachow!<br/>
Too, cool. I'll have to try it.

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