Step 6: Building the bending jig

This step is optional, but if you choose to do it you will have a curved front, to create the bend with the Snowflake I had to make a custom jig.

I used a pasta bowl, as I thought the shape was the most suitable for my needs, but you can choose any type you want - you could even bend the acrylic by hand, if you choose this method, then be warned - the acrylic will be hot.

The method
  1. Firstly I positioned the circle, that I had previously laser cut, in the centre of the bowl - this I did by eye.
  2. Next, use a permanent marker pen and draw a dot in the hole that is in the laser cut circle
  3. You then need to glue the circle to the bowl using hot glue - using the pen mark to centre it(You may use another glue, but I found that this was the easiest)
  4. Using the oven or similar, you then need to heat up the acrylic (I put it in at 100oC for 5 minutes, but I advise that you experiment with times/temperatures beforehand)
  5. While the acrylic is still hot, push it into the bowl, making sure that you use the circle to centre it properly - make sure you press down on the sides as to make them uniform
  6. Once it has cooled, remove it from the bowl