Step 8: Amp Housing Assembly

Now we will make the controls of the set-up - the amp housing.

Components (Pictures 1+2)
  • The amp
  • Anything else that is free from the amp e.g. volume dial
  • A backplate
  • A amp front
  • Two strengtheners
  • The top for the amp
  • The bottom of the amp
  • The personalised sides of the amp - I'm continuing with the Snowflake style
  • x22 20mm M4 Bolts
  • x22 M4 Nuts
  • A audio cable (Not shown)

  1. Start of by taking off all the sticky backing.
  2. Secondly installing the amp controls into the front. (Picture 3)
  3. Next, you need to attach the front of the housing to the bottom. (Picture 4)
  4. Now you need to connect the two strengtheners to the bottom of the housing. (Picture 5)
  5. Add the backplate next, make sure you have the lettering facing towards the front of the amp. (Picture 6)
  6. The amp now goes into the centre of the housing, make sure that you connect it up to the controls, I would also recommend that you fix it in place now; hot glue would work well. (Picture 7)
  7. I would also advise that you install the wiring now. (Picture 8)
  8. The top of the housing goes on next, it should slot into the backplate and drop onto the front. Make sure that you wire the audio cable through. (Picture 9)
  9. The customised sides go on next, they should just slot onto both sides. (Picture 10)

It's now finished, I would advise that you wire the speakers up and check that it is still all in working order. (Picture 11)
very nicely done ... looks very clean ... couldn't you use boiling water to soften the plastic to avoid smells from cooking it (maybe that's not a problem)
Yes, you could use boiling water to soften the plastic - it may even work better, as it might give more evenly distributed heating :D I used a oven that is well used and I didn't smell anything apart from the acrylic plastic.
Overall, this is a clever and well thought out design. However, I think the nuts and bolts showing on the front of the amp let down its generally clean lines. Given that they are like that to hold the case together, I'd suggest putting a false white front over these, held on with either supermagnets or double sided tape with a suitable hole for the volume control. You could leave a slight gap around the volume control and sandwich an LED between the front panel and the new front to give a glow around the volume control when the amp is on.
This is a good idea, but would a line of hot glue on the inside be sufficient? As it would require less laser cutting, but it would also mean that you couldn't take the amp housing apart as easily : / Thanks for the feedback, I will experiment with your idea and see how it comes out :)
Cool idea with the bowl for bending the acrylic!
Sansa + rockbox is the best.
I have a neat pack of Instructables to talk about, today on my Blog, and your's one of them! :) <br>http://faz-voce-mesmo.blogspot.pt/2012/11/instructables-traceparts-e-noticias.html
Awesome! Thanks for including it in your blog.
Beautiful design.

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