When I bought my Kindle fire, I could not find a case that suited my needs for less than fifty dollars.   Frankly, the cases  that I had to choose from were not nearly cool enough.  So the creative juices started flowing, and with a little research I came up with a design for a rigid case that would allow me to view my kindle from multiple angles.  Perfect for watching a movie in bed or on a plane.

***This Instructable is scaleable to any sized tablet.  There are a few details that will be different, but the basic principles can be applied to any sized tablet.*** 

Side note:  Gorilla glue was essential to this project due to its ability to bond with metal, cardboard, rubber and nylon webbing!  

I made my case from aluminum, but any material that is able to be folded and glued, can work!  


Aluminum (or any medium you wish to use.  I.E: leather, plastic, rubber, steel)
Stiff cardboard
Gorilla glue
Inner tube
A logo or design 


box cutter 
straight edge

Step 1: Cutting the Cardboard

First, we must figure out the dimensions of the tablet.  

For the cardboard covers and kick stand:

1. Measure the length and the width of the tablet.  
2. Depending on how thick the device is add another 3/4 (for a kindle) to 1 1/4 inches on to all sides. 
3. Using your straight edge, trace the measured dimensions on your sheet of cardboard.  
4. Using great precision, cut out the cardboard rectangle.  This must be accurate as it will form the basis for the whole project.  Right angles are imperative.  Make 4 of these.    
5. Next, cut the width dimension in half and trace and cut out two long thin pieces that will be half as wide as the larger pieces.  

All of the pieces must be exactly the same size all the way around.

You should end up with 4 pieces that will become the front and back covers, and two pieces that will form the kick stand piece.  

Tips:  Use thin, but rigid cardboard.  do not use corrugated cardboard if you can help it.  I used the front and back covers of a three ring binder.  Use a sharp blade for cutting.  A square or protractor can aid in getting the angles perfect.  

This is such a great idea! Thanks for the information. I am looking to get a new iPad case, and I recently discovered Domeo Products. I found their website, domeoproducts.com, and it looks like they have some great cases. However, it seems like making one would be better? What do you think? Have you heard of that company?
great pic of your process! where did you source the aluminum?
A local printing company. They have old aluminum plates, perfect for this project. If you find a small printing company, im sure theyd let you have a few old plates for a couple bucks.

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