This instructable will show you how to make a decorative wine glass holder that is not only very functional, but makes an excellent addition to your table decor.
I have been making these wine glass holders for a couple of years and selling them at a local craft market and the complements are never ending.

Step 1: Design Specs

There are a few fundamental dimensions that should not be deviated from without careful consideration to the impact they might have on the wine holders functionality.

1. Bottle Neck Hole:
This is a where the holder will fit onto the wine bottle. I've used a hole 30-32mm in diameter. This will fit any standard wine bottle. Make the hole too small and it won't fit onto the bottle, make it too large and the holder slides too far down the bottle neck. This can be changed if you have a particular bottle you need to use.

2. Glass Stem Hole:
This is where the glass will sit in the holder. I've used a 14mm hole, you can go larger but this will affect the design of the hook later on.
The centre of this hole should be 80mm from the centre of the bottle neck hole. If you have a bottle with a larger outer diameter or wider glasses, then this dimension can be increased.

3. The Hook:
This is formed by creating a 10mm gap in the glass stem hole. The hook faces towards the bottle so that the glass "falls" into the hook and not out of it. You can create the gap by making a 10mm hole with it's centre 5mm from the centre of the glass stem hole.
Really cool! Love this! We have a buddy who is a big wine drinker "wino" and would totally dig this! Thanks for sharing!
This is awesome! Why is it not featured!?!<br /> Sending bump to Kiteman now!<br />
wonderfull !!!

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