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This Instructable will teach you how to make a deer feeder using pvc pipe. My family loves the outdoors and they suggested that I post an Instructable on how to make a deer feeder. It can also feed many other animals that eat grain. This is a very simple project that takes only about ten minutes and a few dollars.

Step 1: Materials

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The materials that are needed are
1) 2 inch diameter (smaller sizes will also work) pvc pipe (any length should work)
2) Hacksaw or PVC cutter
3) metal wire, rope, or string
4) two 2 inch pvc pipe caps
5) pvc glue
5) tape measure
6) marker
7) horse feed or corn
8) tree or post

i dont hunt, but my hub does. i'm gonna make a few for Christmas presents this year. I was wondering if it is illegal to hunt at a feeder, and, can you lure more deer by spraying the doe pee around the feeders a few feet away.
1flyby15 years ago
First I would recommend 4in. pipe. An easier bottom on this would be a 'Y' PIPE. ONE SIDE COMES OFF ON A 45DEG. ANGLE. Cap the bottom, but  drill holes for drainage.  The food gets eaten out of the pipe instead of spilling out. After setting this out, be on the lookout for 9lb. squirrels.
biffula 1flyby14 years ago
I use 4-6" pipe. Then you can really load them up without having to reload too often. Also, if you want to keep the other vamints from eating the feed, cut holes in the top end on opposite sides and run a chain through then hang them from a tree branch so that the bottom of the feeder is about 3-4 feet off the ground. High enough for deer, but too high for other creatures. Squirrels cant get at it either. PVC pipe makes great feeders!
Built 6 of these and had my trail cams on them...got a bunch of really great pics of deer and other aminals around them. Thanks
ramatern4 years ago
Don't leave those wires around the tree too long!
EncasedDeath (author)  ramatern4 years ago
yeah the tree grows around it
carlos66ba5 years ago
In many places (most) deer are a pest!  Don't feed them in those areas...
EncasedDeath (author)  carlos66ba5 years ago
yes, but they are not pests in my area
Kozz5 years ago
Nicely done!  For anyone who wants to attempt this, you should familiarize yourself with any laws governing the feeding of wildlife. 

Particularly in Wisconsin and during the hunting seasons there are limits to the quantity of food, the type of feeder (gravity-fed) and your location (such as CWD eradication zones) and vicinity to roads or buildings.

Additionally depending on what's in the feeder, it's possible a black bear may get impatient and attempt to tear the entire pipe from the tree.  I've seen black bears tear down multiple birdfeeders containing sunflower and thistle (if you can believe it, he must have been hungry).
EncasedDeath (author)  Kozz5 years ago
thanks, but you are right about bears and laws, but i dont have bears where i live