Make a Durable Night Lamp





Introduction: Make a Durable Night Lamp

(This instructable is for those who have basic knowledge of electric/electronics)

I found about a dozen used cell phone chargers very cheap from a local shop.

The cell phone chargers have faults in the plugs and cables only, the actual charger circuit were working perfect. I removed the cable and plugs and used these in many projects

In this instructable I will show you how I made a durable night lamp which will give service for many years.

Step 1: Components Required

You will need.
1. A cell phone /Mobile Phone Charger with out put of 5 to 12 volts.
2. One white LED 5mm ( You can substitute with Blue color LED)
3. One resistance (for value click to see the chart)
4. One diffuser. I used a cap from an insulin syringe (BD), most white semi-transparent bottle caps do the job.

The diffuser is required to disperse the light uniformly in the room and make it cool to the eyes.

Step 2: Connecting Components & Finishing

1. Make a 5 mm whole near the voltage out put and connect the LED and Resistance as shown in the circuit diagram, observing the polarity of the current.

2. Test it by hooking to the mains power socket.

3. Finally glue the diffuser on it.

See an other view of the built up night light

Step 3: An Other Finalized Night Light

This is a picture with a different diffuser



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    jsbarrie; every thing in the instructable is clear, if you need more clarification please let me know.

    my english Language is very bad .so i want some information for phone line power use .cane i write in urdu Language.

    main apna fone charge karskat hon? or keasy
    orr phone line say zeyada sy zeyada ketny volt or amps hasal keaye ja sakty hen. mere requst ahy k app my email adresss py send kar den.
    god bless u

    Now a days all telephone lines are digital working at 48 Volts DC.

    Phone line on-Hook have 48 Volts and off hook between 5 to 10 volts.
    Current 30mA to 40mA .

    Battery charging is not recommended.

    Phoenixflame87; try with 100 ohm resistor

    I have 5.7v and 800amp charger........ please tell me which resistance i can use, i will appreciate if someone tell me how i can calculate these types of calculations......

    Hi- I want to make a bunch of LED room lights using old cell phone chargers. I would like to use several LED mounted on a reflector. I can design the reflector and attachments, I need help with the circuit diagrams for lets say 3 - 5 LEDs maybe more. My "clients" are people who have very low power and right now use kerosene for light. The LEDs using old cell chargers would be a big deal. I am designing both DC and AC versions of the light. Could you help with this? Any help is much appreciated.

    jsbarrie you can add more LEDs as per circuit taking into account total current / volts of mobile phone charger . Read original instructable for values and calculations. I estimate you can add 8 to 10 LEDs easily.


    hello iffee........ please tell me how much voltage we have in our fixed PTCL wire....... and also mention amp

    Thanks! I'm going to build a version that produces the max lumens. I will photograph it and post when it is done. -jb

    Very very nice instructable - i am new in electronics and this helped me a lot!