Fake books are awesome, am I right? Here's how to make one out of everyday objects. Hope you like it!

Step 1: What You Need

Most of these things you can find around the house, except maybe the strapping tape.

So, you will need:

  • A book sized box (I used a box a cell phone came in)
  • Another, bigger, box (I used one that boots came in)
  • X-acto knife
  • Double sided tape
  • Strapping tape (You can find it at ACE for about $5) Ih has what looks like strings or something on it. Just look at the second picture.
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Paper bags (Usually two)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler (Metal works best)
  • Depending on what color the box is you will need some white paper.
can u make these so that u can hide something in them?
This is a cool cheap project I might do. I'm thinking you could use reinforced packing tape instead of strapping tape. Nice job!
nice. I'mma gonna try it once I can get my hands on the materials :]
Cool :D I'd love to see a picture of it when it's finished.
That's awesome...I can hide many things in it :)
How? The box is all closed up, more like a movie prop...
Well I don't know yet, but I'll find a way:)
you can use a box that has one side cut open to make it -.,-
pretty sweet you should make one that opens though ;)
This is soo cool +1 vote 5 stars
Thank you!!
Cheers Thermoelectric
Cool! I made one, but this is so much easier. Great job!
Thanks! :D
I'll post a picture in a few days. (remind me if I forget)
Did you forget?
Yeah, here they are:
is that just a cover taken off an old book?
Sorry I didn't respond sooner. Yep, thats just the outer part, I saved the inside. I made that paper using inks poured over water and paint thinner.
o cool. nice job
woah nice job
does anyone have any ideas on how to make different colored covers?
You could paint it or use gift wrapping paper
o good idea. i might try that
wow, great instructable!!!
Thank you :D
im soo doing this once i get a chance to buy strapping tape.
Why not?
This is really cool!
You're very welcome!
now, how about a <strong>real</strong> book hidden safe. its pretty easy, and i know how, but itd be cool to have an instructable<br/><br/>nice job on the <em>fake</em> book though<br/>
Yeah one of those would be cool. Thanks!
I filled mine with fake words. Fun instructable for young DIY's. Nice job. 5/5
Cool, thank you!
Awesome! And very cool, you got featured by Christy! Nice job, I look forward to doing this. Heh, I'm assuming you got a new phone with the cell phone box... +5/5 stars.
Thanks! I was really happy! Ha yep, I used my dad's cell phone box though for the instructable. I made mine into a book before I made this :D I must say, it's sorta addicting. I found myself looking all over the house for more boxes to use.
this seems pretty pointless, but fun at the same time.
nice instructable. but I'm interested as to what tasks can be performed with a fake-book that couldn't also be done with a real one, if not done better.
You can throw them at people and they won't get hurt.
fair enough
What if you want them to get hurt... Nice instructable btw
If you want to hurt them you could fill the fake book with bricks or poor some concrete into it and let it set, but this would only be useful if you could throw it. Well I guess you could always got to a really high tower (CN tower in Toronto,Empire state etc...) and drop it on some one but then after wards you should get good lawyer to face then murder charges. Remember kids you can't spell manslaughter with out laughter!
Then you can throw two fake books at them :D Thank you!

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