Picture of Make a fancy ice lantern using a bucket
For the holidays my parents in Norway always like to adorn their house and garden with lights. Not surprisingly most of them are electric, but on special occations my dad also makes ice lanterns with candles inside. It's a simple process that produces some pretty fancy ice lanterns and this year I took pictures along the way to share with the world.

To make these fancy ice lanterns you need:

1. below freezing temperatures (or a really big freezer)
2. water
3. a bucket
4. patience

Step 1: Fill your bucket(s) with water

Picture of Fill your bucket(s) with water
Find a bucket or three and fill them with cold water. Leave about 3cm or 1 inch of space at the top to allow the ice to expand as it freezes.
SharonS39 months ago

Here in the san luis valley region of colorado, i am surrounded by mtn ranges, sangre de cristo, san juan, rocky Mtns, wet mountains. So, living in such a place, this is really awesome!!!!!!!

arete011 year ago
This is a definitely awesome Instructable.. Alas i will never be able to make it here as the temps range between 12°C to 40°C throughout the year.
AidanG5 years ago
Awesome! Excellent 'ible. 5 stars

Can't wait to try this during the next cold snap here in Colorado
KnexFreek5 years ago
 5 stars
ChrysN5 years ago