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There was once a time when ready-made, sturdy, and durable baskets for storing LP records were easily procured from behind any gas station, corner store, or supermarket in the form of the lowly milk crate. In the days before 8-tracks, cassettes, CDs, and the newfangled MP3 players, vinyl was king and this was readily evident for a dairy industry that saw it's crates disappear in such large number they were bleeding money, prompting them to change the size of their crates to prevent a 12" LP from sitting happily in it.

Today, the LP has largely waned, but the shrunken milk crate remains the standard, frustrating record collectors searching for a strong but cheap storage crate for their records. Crates similar to those of the olden days can be had for cheap, but they are an inferior breed to their elders, being made of thin and flimsy plastic. When I went looking for a suitable alternative to the venerable milk crate, I found myself looking at a pile of discarded newspaper racks. Their grating would work well.

Anyway, in this Instructable I'll show how to make steel mesh baskets suitable for keeping records in. I used plastic coated sections of an old news stand (the same stuff as from my bike rack), but "hardware cloth" is a very similar material that's available from hardware stores and if you can find some that's squares are 3" you can easily use that and paint it to your liking. These baskets should last a lifetime and can hold around 50 12" LPs without a problem.
timwikander3 years ago
I love the story behind this instructable; it sounds like you really understood the problem. Great design.
shantaram6 years ago
i got tired of them , keeping them organized cleaning dusting the cabinets its like a full time job i like to have fun and relax in life not work my brains out cleaning lol
ill buy them from you
oh my god i would love to take them of you hands!
jakee1174 years ago
I looooovee vinyl. I need a place to put my LPs as well..shoe boxes work well for 7"s . also, I work at Food lion, and our milk crates are still very thick. I need one, hah
I found Jefferson Airplane's "Surrealistic Pillow" yesterday for a buck at the Salvation army.I nearly cried of happiness.
carlos-felo6 years ago
It's great! I have a lot of LP's in my room and it's in the floor...
Ikotoo6 years ago
Six Parts Seven!
shantaram6 years ago
shantaram6 years ago
I am not in America .. i will take picture of my records cd videos and show them on here ..
Just curiosity hitting me, but what is the record in the very front? And yes, I have been searching high and low for milk crates. I've been to countless stores, countless flea markets, and i can't seem to find the right fit.
carpespasm (author)  mellon_collie6 years ago
That would be Six Parts Seven - Casually Smashed to Pieces. I got it it for the cover, but it's good instrumental kinda folksy stuff, and I'm not usually too into that much but I've listened to it a bunch. Why they chose an awesome viking as the cover I have no idea.
ah. yeah I like the cover. never even heard of the band, but the cover is enough to check them out.
carpespasm (author)  mellon_collie6 years ago

That's their page if you want to check it out.
modio6 years ago
Dairy companies really shrunk the size of crate so LPs wouldn't fit them? That's an amazing and interesting fact. Anyways, killer Instructable. Vinyl is still king...to me.
devophill modio6 years ago
I've always suspected they did, myself. I distinctly remember when I was younger seeing milk crates with records in 'em, fitting snugly. Now any crates you find are about 3/4 of an inch too narrow, you can only fit LPs in sideways and that leaves a lot of useless dead space in the box. The perfect solution I've found for larger vinyl collections, however, is a shelf unit from Ikea called Expedit. It fits records so perfectly that it couldn't be a coincidence. Those crafty Swedes! :)