It was an ordinary time in life of M.C. Langer. You know, evil robo-planters, big prop guns, vibrobots with machine guns and stuff. But one day, the Publicity Dean of a Colombian university (and friend of mine) entrusted me a bizarre task: to make a fire hydrant (a tender cheesy one), who is the pet of the Cuerpo Oficial de Bomberos de Bogotá (Firefighters Brigade of Bogotá). And its name is "Cobbito".

- Wait a moment - I said - it has any weapon, missiles or "Rescue Heroes" stuff?
- It's a children's pet - the Dean reply - the idea is to make a cute hydrant using recycled things. For the kids. They love these things.
- Mmmmm... Why don't make another pet, a "G.I.JOE style" firefighter with a water blaster and a mega-axe? It would be more lovable for the kids and...

This is Cobbito:

(The horror!... THE HORROOOOORRR!!)

Well, I did it. And for being my first fire hydrant, it's not too bad!!

(Wait for the high quality final pictures. My camera was damaged, and I had to use again my mom's old camera.)

Step 1: 1. Materials and stuff

First, you will need cyanoacrylate glue. In Colombia we don't have Gorilla glue (I wish), so I used Pegadit. It's the instant glue I always use in my projects.

Tools: Dremel (for drilling), screwdriver, pliers, cutter and a paintbrush.


1. Plastic Bowl
2. A strip of EVA foamy
3. Facial cream top
4. Big plastic nut
5. 1 / 8 x 2 ½ " screw, with nut and ring

1. Toilet cylindrical plastic trash can (which fits inside the plastic bowl helmet)
2. Circular plastic container with cover.
3. 1 / 8 x 2 ½ " screw, with nut and ring

1. Two (2) identical PC mice
2. Two (2) 1 / 8 x ½ " screws, with nuts and rings

1. Two (2) white ping-pong balls
2. Two (2) black plastic circles
3. Two (2) 1 / 8 x 2 ½ " screws, with nuts and rings

1. Two (2) facial cream tops
2. Two (2) medicine small plastic bottles (can be replaced with shampoo caps)
3. Two (2) 1 / 8 x 2 ½ " screws, with nuts and rings

PAINTING: primer for plastic, red and orange spray lacquer, black acrylic paint

And remember:

1. If you don't have it, replace it!
2. Use protective equipment (dust mask and goggles)
3. Beware of drilled and soldered hot surfaces
4. Work in a good ventilated area.
5. Always have junk in stock
6. Enjoy!

WOW! So creative..and I like all the stories that go along with your bots..they all have their own little "lives" ...this is cute..even without the blasters and weapons!
Thanks a lot Holly! :-)
Thats pretty awesomeee, keep up the good work :)
Thank ypu very much Screamo!!!
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There you are....good luck in the contest...
Thanks Warlock!!! Have you any project in the contest?
Nop...got no time...but maybe next week i ll l do...but thnks for ask...good luck again...
Nice work. Looks great!
Thank you Bikinearly!!!
Well done, he is adorable!
Thank you very much, ChrysN!!! :-)
soooooooooooooo cute
Thanks Meganoki!!!!
I wasn't sure what to expect when I clicked on the link from my RSS feed but he is very cute! :)
Thank you Unigamer!!! :-)
He's so cute! The eyes really give him character.
Thank you Canida!!
so cute cute
Thank you Mary Candy!!! :-)

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