I discovered this idea at a Girls in Engineering Expo. I thought it would be interesting to make my own.

This being my first instructable, please be kind.

The main part of this project is creating flowers that do not need to be watered and don't die.

I used various cans from a graduation party that we had so they were also of various sizes.

Edges in this project will be sharp, please use caution.

Step 1: Supplies

To make Aluminum Flowers you will need

- Soda cans
- Newspaper (not shown)
- Scissors
- Flower cut outs (you can choose one of the patterns I uploaded or find your own online)
- Pen
- Wire
- Nail
- Sand paper (not shown)
- Pliers
- Hammer or wrench
Great project and ideas! I used this as a springboard for my flower. A couple tips: I used the nib of a mechanical pencil to etch petal/leaf outlines into the aluminum, which eliminated the need to wash off any ink. Also, a small power sander made short work of dulling sharp edges, and lets you texture the metal if you want a more industrial look.
This<a href="http://www.floristinmalaysia.com"> flowers</a> actually looks cool and preserve earth's resources. But it's real that it has sharp edge, be cautious when kids are around.
This is awesome, I'll probably make one! However, even after sanding, aren't the edges still sharp?
If you file them at a slant, it dulls the edges.
Ok nice=)
You are the smartest girl. I can't wait to see what else you will share with us.
Clever idea! Thanks for sharing.
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this is an interesting project, although i question what a Russian veterinary clinic has to do with it.

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