Make a Fur Bike for Burning Man





Introduction: Make a Fur Bike for Burning Man

Your bike has an inner-Muppet that is dying to get out! Help your wheeled steed find his-or-her inner beauty with fur, scissors, and a glue gun.



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    I put a subwoofer and speaker on mine too :) They are from an old computer's sound system and they run off a battery from a cordless drill.

    Oh yes and some extendo forks that I made with a microwave oven welder.

    Princess boom chopper bright pink cr.jpgPrincess boom chopper pink fur cr.jpg

    A better name for the duct-tape fur-cleanup thing? "DeMuppet Strip" Thanks for the video!

    Where would i get the said fur of a different or same color?

    OutSTANDing! Thanks so much for this video - burners rule. I was contemplating 'furring' my bike, and had a (correct) notion of how to go about it - but this video confirmed, clarifying, AND provided several excellent tips in the process. My wife also used it to "ribbon" her playa bike - and needed the water bowl far more often that I did with the fur. Lesson learned: Ribbon is more porous/permeable that (even fake) fur. Nice presentation, fun style - thanks, HalcyonPink. Stop by and see us at Expansion Mansion, corner of 7:30 and Hominid. Enjoy a drink from our Mad Scientist's bar, climb the tower for a nice view, or just chill out. Peace, and see you on the playa... SnoWake

    Hahha i just love you. I'm so gonna try this for my bike when I go to Alchemy in georgia :D

    glugun tip! lick your finger to make it wet, and you manipulate the gluegun glue without burning yourself :D

    To cut fake fur so it looks better, cut from the back and keep the scissors close to the actual weave of the fabric and don't cut the actual fur. This will prevent the mess and make the finished product look better.

    For whatever reason I love this guy's presentation! Anyhoo. Some hints for working with fake (faux?) fur. If you turn it over and cut just the backing side you'll have less fur loss and you won't be finding hunks of fake fur months from now. You can also draw out your cutting lines on the back of the piece. Use a felt tip marker. Otherwise this was a great idea for a really fun and unique bike!

    All that metalwork - I get an urge to wire him into something. Maybe just stand him next to a huge Tesla coil... Nice idea, though.

    Maybe just stand him next to a huge Tesla coil...

    Very nice, and a tempting project. You said to put your hand in water if you get hot glue on you... does it matter which hand? It's still unclear how this will help if say, you get a drop of glue on your knee, but you're the expert!

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    heh. I suppose I should have said, "Get the glue in the water quickly...and whatever body part it is currently burning. " :)