I love working with polymer clay .If DIYing is my full time ,playing with clay is my hobby and at times I also post DIYs with clay in my blog.Here clay I mean polymer clay.I also like trying out new products and techniques and so this time I tried air dry clay.I actually got this for trying out a cell phone holder to gift our friend but it did not turn out the way I wished so finally we ended up using that as our kindle holder :P. When I was thinking of what to do with the remaining clay my pinterest boards suggesting trying out this jewelry dish. So ,here is my twist on how to make the jewelry dish.

Step 1: Materials Required

Air dry clay

A bowl to shape the dish

Stamps to create designs


Rolling pin

Sand paper

Paints or paint pens (optional)

absolutely gorgeous
<p>Thank you :)</p>
Very pretty. Thanks for sharing.
<p>Welcome :)</p>

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