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Introduction: Make a Grand Piano in Minutes

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No need to practice on this piano, all you can do with it is play. In less than 10 minutes you will have your very own Steinway baby grand!

Usually I prefer step by step instructions, but in this case the video is more helpful than lengthy descriptions to understand the process. The template comes with a chart showing all the cut and fold marks, so after watching the video once you should be able to make the card without referring to your computer screen.

If you like this pop-up and want to see more, you can go to my website, I have lots of free templates, and other really amazing projects which will only set you back a dollar or two...

This piano template normally costs $1, but since I like to share things on Instructables for free, I set up a special discount code for you. Add the PDF to your shopping cart, and when you check out enter the code


The first 500 people will get it for free (after that the code will stop working).

Have fun!

PS: for those curious about the music in the video, it was composed and performed by John M. Davis for a 1928 silent film, Koko's Haunted House



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    1 year ago

    Thank you! I found this template on another site and it linked back to here. I made it for my son because he wanted to put a piano in his cereal box book report.

    2 replies

    Thanks for letting me know about this! Whoever posted it never asked for my permission (which I would never have granted... I only allow people to link to my site, not to copy and post my designs!)

    Glad to help! I was surprised when it linked back to Instructables because it didn't mention it at all. I'll take a photo of it later when it returns home from school. It's really cute and was easy to make.

    You know, I think I'm having email problems... (both coming in and going out). I seem to be missing a lot. I'll send you the PDF via email, but you should delete the comment you just wrote -- it's public, and you might not want to have your email address in full view. You can also PM me via my author page rather than commenting on the instructable.

    Hi, I've paid for the printable template but nothing happens and I didn't receive anything as well. Is there anything I should do to get it? Thanks

    2 replies

    No you should have gotten an email automatically. Could you contact me through my website? When you're on instructables I don't know who you are, so I can't see what you got or re-send the files to you.

    Hi, I still haven't heard back from you. Let me know if you figured it out (the automatic email with the link is probably in your spam folder). Otherwise if for some reason you can't contact me through my website, please send me a PM on Instructables with your email address so I can send you your files.

    This information is all in the instructable text, including links to get to the right page. The PDF button you're trying to click on is not for the piano template, it is to save this instructable in a PDF format.

    Sorry, I only saw this comment 11 months later... If you'd still like to add a person, I made a custom card for someone with a person on the bench. Take a look at it (you'll have to scroll down to the bottom of the page). If you attach the feet to the floor and the butt to the chair, the player will pop up with the card.

    Do you think you could make the card larger? I tried to but it was password protected. It would be nice if it could be something just under 8 1/2 by 11 or A4 paper so that it can be a bigger version? I made it and thought it was a bit small to give to someone...

    3 replies

    This size is just right for printing on regular paper. If you were to make it bigger you would need to do it on heavier paper or card stock or it would sag too much when you touched the pop-up.
    Can't you opt to change the scale when you print the template rather than trying to modify the PDF file? If that doesn't work I'll see if I can make a bigger version for you. Not sure how it would look, I can't remember what the resolution was on my original files, but I'll give it a shot if increasing the scale when printing doesn't work.

    Hi, Could you maybe try making the grand piano template into a different format? PDF doesn't work on my computer. I'm not sure what will, but could you try sending me a different format of it, please?? I would very much appreciate it. Thanks!! :))))

    Wonderfull project. A bit of maker info sharing? I would buy a recordable card from wal-mart or a halmark store if you have one in you area, then record a piece on it and place it under the piano so when the card opens it plays!! :p

    2 replies

    Someone once sent me a musical card and I had saved it exactly for that purpose -- problem is the mechanism works when the card opens 180o but this one is designed to open only 90o. I've been meaning to redesign this so it could be turned into a musical card, I just haven't found the time yet... but some day I'll get to it! Good suggestion though (you know the saying: "great minds..."). I've never come across the recordable cards  -- much more fun than using a pre-recorded recycled card.