Make a Graphics Card Quieter





Introduction: Make a Graphics Card Quieter

Get fed up of the noise your graphics card makes while gaming? This quick tip should help you to reduce the noise of that jet engine and turn it into a purring pussycat...



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You serious? Putting sylicone to a GPU instead of Thermopaste - how has it even come up to your mind? Enjoy your PC burned soon

You do know that TIM is made from thick silicone grease, right? The added ceramic, carbon, or supposedly silver (hahahaha) makes only the slightest difference between the wort and best compound on the market, only a degree or two at best.

"Putting sylicone to a GPU instead of Thermopaste".

It's a good thing no one suggested doing that. That'd be a bad idea.

Did you even watch it properly? The heatsink wasn't even removed from the card... or did you think that the fan is supposed to be attached directly to the chip? Either way, that was a pretty daft thing to assume.

Pretty 'cool' idea! Have to check if the design of my graphics card is suitable for such an intervention. Successfully decoupled the case fans and HD of my girlfriends desktop some while ago ( ), but never thought of doing this with a GPU fan. Might also try the completely passive solution in your other `ible since I got a slow spinning 300 mm fan in the side of my case ( ). Silent and cool case unless you do 3D things and the graphics card leafblower kicks in... ;D

Awesome. going to give it a try now...

will the fan performance become worse if you put it in ?

So long as it isn't raised too far above the shroud, performance can actually be improved.

Nice hack... would definitely try once I have a desktop....
btw can u make laptop's cooling much better, apart from using cooling pad..
would love to see some cool hacks..
keep ur work..