In this Ible I shall teach you how to shoot a gum wrapper in a style similar to a bullet.... (Well Kinda...)

Items needed
Gum pack
gum wrapper
air (from mouth)

Step 1: The Gum...

Go out to the store and get a pack of gum. Make sure the gum you buy comes in a tin foil-ish wrapper.

Step 2: Take

Take out a stick of gum with the wrapper intact. Now unwrap the wrapper cautiously so you don't ruin the foil. Throw away (or chew later) the piece of gum, but keep the wrapper!

Step 3: Now...

Take your pointer finger and follow my picture instructions 'til you get what I have in the final picture of this step.

Step 4: Now Put It In...

Put it in your mouth as I do. Lightly put it to the tip of your tongue. Don't crush it! and.... .... .... BLOW HARD! Now if you did this correctly, it should have flown a few 10 maybe 15 feet.

Sorry I couldn't get the piece flying in action.. :(
<p>ha ha so funny love your idea</p>
good instrctable!! try it with a sewing pin in the tip it pops ballons!!<br>(it also welts little sisters
how old are you, kid? 12?<br />
&nbsp;omg that gum was good
Why... So...SERIOUS!
you look funny doing that.
I agree
he looks like an older version of my friend who is now in Omaha Nebraska.
Um.... I remember this from 3 years ago! <sub><sup><sub><sup> your a little late <sub><sup><sub><sup></sup></sub></sup></sub></sup></sub></sup></sub><br/>
Three years ago on this site??
Not on this site. It was a thingy going around in the schools.
Oh, lol, it just got to our school.
Lol. Your mom is like "What the hell are you doing?!?!"

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