Picture of Make a horse bridle from old belts.
This is a surprisingly easy weekend instructable. It uses a few belts that we got at the Op Shop few a few dollars.
Its not a show bridal like our black leather one which we will be using as a guide but its soft and comfortable and our horse wears it around the paddock on a weekend ride. Its a Barcoo bridle if you want to know.
I'll show you how to make our one but you can easily use your own measurements
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
*Sewing machine
*Craft knife
*A bridal or measurements for your horse.
*Old belts (cotton ones aren't as showy but nicer on the horse)
Check the pictures for belt types
*One belt has to have two reasonably sized ring catches

And thats about it! Told you it was simple.

Step 2: Get the main ring

Picture of Get the main ring
One of our belts had two pretty much perfect rings already attached. One side was flat but that's ok.
Just use a craft knife and cut the thread holding it on or use scissors.

Step 3: Cut the cheek-pieces to size

Picture of Cut the cheek-pieces to size
These long pieces connect the bit to the headbands.
First of all it the leather hole-strap on the belt is going to be in the way then remove it by cutting the threads with a craft knife.
We unbuckled ours from the bit and ring and laid it flat on the table with the belts beside it. the we marked the length and the hole positions and cut it to size. For ours this was 72cm not including the buckle.

Step 4: Cut the throat-latch to size

Picture of Cut the throat-latch to size
These didn't disconnect from the bridle so we laid them next to it (leaving room to loop over and sew and cut it to size. 

There are two sides to this and one must have the buckle with the other side having the receiver. Ours had a friction-buckle design and it seems to work great. It also meant we didn't need to make holes.

The buckle side came to 48cm with a 4cm overlap and the receiver end came to 31cm including a 4cm overlap 
ginger200373 years ago
I will be going to the thrift store asap now lol
parkerpe3 years ago
Great idea for a custom bridle! You horse seems to really like it. Mine gets that relaxed "purring" look when I bridle him, too. My horse's head is not quite draft horse size, but bigger than a regular horse's, so this could really work out for us! Thanks for the 'ible!
The Horse is in bad shape.......pull up your socks and take proper care of it!!!!
Doddity (author)  Leigh Douglas4 years ago
No its not its just really old. Please don't comment without context
Yeah..sorry my friend wrote the comment....
Doddity (author)  Leigh Douglas4 years ago
Sure sure lol its all good
akyramoto4 years ago
Great idea. the horse looks fine, on the last pic he's got good sheen to his coat.
Doddity (author)  akyramoto4 years ago
Thank you
omnibot4 years ago
Great repair and reuse! I'll post it to my horsemad friends.