Step 3: Slide Board Support

I have used the timber battens as support for the planks that will support the slide board.

First I did measure how many I needed to a get a good feeling. Not to far apart so it became a "bumpy" slide because that the planks was to far away.

I decided on my tries to have a space of 140 millimetres between, its a bit bumpy for 79kg. Even if that would be to far away apart for a child I will just add one board on top of this when its worn out so that will be a fix by it self I hope.
<p>How slick is that board? Does it allow them to slide fast?</p>
this is amzing idea
That's just too cool! I would have freaked out if I had this as a kid. :D
Thanks. <br> <br>The kids went nuts today. As they are at there mothers for a week they have known for a week it was to be done today. It's fun to make a play room =) <br> <br>The end I will have to remodel a little. It's hard to nail it on the floor in a rental apartment but I have to make sure it stays down.

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