This instructable will serve as a guide for finding a purpose for an unwanted keyboard.

My dad had given me an old laptop (which had no virtual use ). So one day I had a crazy idea to open it up out of sheer curiosity. I was able to divide the parts into sets and the keyboard looked so lonely. I carefully stored everything. Some weeks later, I had another idea to break apart the keyboard keys and then it hit me... "I can do something with this"...

Step 1: Setup and Materials

OK, so I now had a keyboard broken into pieces and a simple idea...
-First thing's first; I drew something to base the idea on. (I've been a big fan of Zoids since I was younger, so I decided to make a tribute to the "Genosaur")
-Second, figure out what tools would help me accomplish my goal. All I was gonna do was make a simple non-moving figurine.

Materials: -A glue gun.
-The keyboard keys as building material.
-The actual keyboard could easily be used as a base for the sculpture.
-Anything else from our keyboard that has a cool shape you can work with.
-A plastic bag is nice to do it on so the glue won't stick to the working area.
This has got to be the best use of a used <em>modern</em> keyboard I have seen! Fantastic job!
Looks really cool. =D I like it.<br/>

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