You will need: 
  A Kinder Egg
 Some string (optional)

Dremel multi tool
Hot glue glue (optional)

And most important, KITTY TREATS!

Step 1: 1st, Eat the Chocolate and Assemble the Toy.

You'll be left with a yellow plastic egg, draw an outline of the size hole you want. Make it just a bit bigger than the kitty treats you want to use.
<p>I just bought one similar it has holes in it's ears that they now have a kitty treat that looks like a noodle for them to eat and you can also put their favourite treat in the belly of it it cost me I think about two dollars at the dollar store. I would have made it if I had thought of looking here soon !?</p>
this is meh cat. shhh..... she is sleeping
That was soooo coool! i loved the video too. I have to make one for my 2 kitties. I loved watching your video it was so cute.
Cool, my kitty will love this.
Good idea! I wish I could do something like this, but I have a feeling my dog would just eat the whole leave and anger the cats. :P
I guess it's not such a great idea if you have dogs in the house, but it keeps my cat entertained for hours. :)

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Bio: One man and his cat, I enjoy fixing and making things at a laymans level.
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