Make a Lace Flower Brooch


Introduction: Make a Lace Flower Brooch

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This tutorial shows you how to make this pretty lace flower brooch - Mothers day is coming up March 14th (May 9th in the US) the and this makes a great gift!



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    I got around to making this pretty little thing today! I made it into a hair clip instead of a brooch, since I don't have anything to wear brooches with. Instead of making the little circles and putting on a safety pin, I just sewed in a bobby pin. It looks so nice against my dark brown hair!! Thanks so much!


    I love it! I've made one and added my own lil twist =]


    You've done it again, another wonderful Instructable.

    I made an adorable domo-kun pillow for my friend's birthday, it's got edging and a zip on the back, but apart from that it's just the same as yours. A little note, Domo has 4 teeth not 5, but it doesn't really matter.

    Very nice,   simple and very attractive when done.;