A lagerphone is a traditional Australian percussion instrument with a tambourine-like quality, able to make several different sounds. It's also very simple to make and play.

You will need a long dowel (4' is good and easy to find at my local hardware store, but if you're as tall as I am a little longer would be convenient) about 1.5" in diameter, a shorter dowel about 1" diameter (I like 18", which I get by buying a 3-footer and cutting it in half), a box of roofing nails, and a bunch of bottle caps. The most traditional approach, and the origin of the instrument's name, is to save the bottle caps from beer, but you can also get unused ones from your local homebrew store. Or some of both - you're gonna need a bunch of them. (I used 144 for the one illustrated here.)

Step 1: Cut the Rattler Stick

A "rattler stick" is just a stick with notches cut into it. I do these on a band saw, and while they look the best if they're even, they don't have to be. It just has to have a smooth part you can hold it by, and a section that zigzags. This is made from the short dowel.
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