Step 20: Final Assembly

It rained hard the whole day before, so the majority of the assembly was done on Halloween (2009).  It was the first time I had put it completely together because my garage wasn't big enough.  To tell the truth, she fought me the entire time.  Some of the holes didn't match up and the gaffe tape on the rear tires didn't agree with the bitter cold.  High winds also made it a struggle.

This picture was taken just a couple hours before trick-or-treaters were due to arrive.  The Batmobile was just the centerpiece…I still had other parts of the display (Batman, flying bat rig, sound and lights) to complete, so I ran out of time to add some of the copper details and do some touch up painting.

By the way, the final measurements of my Tumbler were 18 feet long by 10 feet wide.
<p>Jerry,</p><p>Thanks for this article, we're making ours now, and hope to have it completed this weekend (I'm also off on the 31st for any last minute work). I'm curious if the weight left any dents in your car. I'm using my 2013 Ford Fusion and I'm trying to minimize any damage. We're using padded moving blankets, foam pipe wrap, and I've constructed the frame in such a way that it takes some of the weight off of the car (I hope). </p>
<p>Hi Ray! This made my day! So awesome! Thanks so much for writing, and I'm looking forward to seeing more picts. To answer your question, it didn't dent my car at all, but it was hard to avoid a few minor scratches. However, it sounds like you are being careful with the blankets (which is a great idea). Please keep me posted. I can't wait to see it finished.</p>
<p>Jerry,</p><p>I also ran out of time and didn't get to finish it completely (more to do for next year). Attached are some photos of what we did get done. Luckily the puck light headlights did much to obscure missing details and defects.</p><p>No dents but there is a ding from the PVC pipe on the driver door when disassembling.</p><p>Another question I had for you was how did you configure the cyclone of bats? I've been trying to devise a good way to do that. Do you have any photos?</p>
<p>nice job</p>
Wow you make me want to build an awesome batmobile like yours
Where are you located? Would love to rent this for my Batman themed party!
<p>In Lansing Michigan. I do 'event production' for a living, so I'd love to help out!</p>
Your work is amazing! I'm actually in Jersey City, NJ ...Im sure thats an inconvenience for you but anything you can help me out with would be greatly appreciated!! The party is for my first borns sweet 16 and I want it to be fabulous! She wanted more of an elegant batman themed party so I been following some ideas from a batman wedding. Totally wish I had the time to make the bat mobile. Think you could give me some decorating ideas?
<p>Thanks so much! The biggest &quot;bang for the buck&quot; would be the bat signal. Send pictures after the party!</p>
Crazy amazing
<p>Hi , guys i cant watch this video , anybody can tell me video url on youtube?</p><p>please! i want to make one .</p>
<p>Hi , guys i cant watch this video , anybody can tell me video url on youtube?</p><p>please! i want to make one .</p>
<p>Hi , guys i cant watch this video , anybody can tell me video url on youtube?</p><p>please! i want to make one .</p>
<p>Wow... just Wow... Pretty darn Cool!</p>
Holy Crap! :O
hope its street legal
That's awesome. I was hopeing to buy a tumbler for 1.4 M but that was expensive so i tried to find how to build a tumbler. If you are able to modify it to drive, please tell me how!
Amazing work!!
Holy Movie Quality, Batman! I can't stop checking this out!! Scope and Grandeur is nothing short of Amazing and Awe-Inspiring! And for someone who claims to NOT be a carpenter... you should be working on a Movie Set as a Production Designer! Gotta show this to my Girl's cousin, he will go APE S%^! Fav'd and Following...Thanks for sharing, Mr. Wayne.
Thank you sir, for the kind words!
You are quite welcome! If I ever attempt, I will post some pics. Definitely inspirational, esp your use of things you had available. Spectacularly achieved!
Holy Hot Wheels, Batman! <br>That was one Herculean effort. You are a true Batman fan. <br>Nicely done!
Beautiful!! That has got to be my favorite use of a pt cruiser! I wish you could drive with your car like that.
Wow!! That is so amazing. Love it!
that is so cool!!
Can you modify it so that it's drivable? If so, what mods would be needed and what construction would be necessary?
OMG!! how you..how you..ok i'll put out there YOUR CRAZY!!!!! who can make this stuff?!?!? (Besides you)
LOL, too bad you couldn't make a go-cart look like one...
https://www.instructables.com/community/DIY-Batman-Tumbler-Go-Kart/ <br> <br>been done :)
lol :D
wow amazing could you make it out of metal and acutallly drive i have a old car i might mod to do this but i would like it to work
AMAZING! Very cool,thank you for sharing!
That is absolutely amazing. Not your average DJ!
This is sweet, great work from start to finish! <br><br>-Graham, www.pypline.com -the online community for makers.
a thousand claps for you sir.
hahah you are crazy :D but in the positive mean
What ever happened to this? I mean after Halloween? Did you through it out, or take it apart, or give it away?
Es muyyyy buennnoooooo!!! No me canso de verlo y mostrarlo. Felicitaciones!!!
How did you ensure that the seperate pieces of the panel were angled the right way when folded down? Extra pieces of scrap wood, I suppose?
Amazing, can you actually drive it?
Unfortunately, I'd have to do some major modifications first (the wheels don't roll). It would be embarrassing if the batmobile started falling apart on the road.<br><br>I really loved the time machine you built! Nice job on the whole Back To The Future theme (one of my favorite movies).
I would so drive-thru Wendy's in that car.
wow! that has to be the awesomest thing i have ever seen, you should have driven it around the block, imagine the looks that would get.
Im at a loss of words (appropriate ones) dude this is a work of genius. The fact that you made it out of everyday home depot stuff is amazing. My hats off to you.
I'm aMazed by the sheer scope of the project. I love yard haunting, and this, kind sir, is nothing short of magnificent.
Dude, as a yard haunter and huge Batman fan, I just have to say you definitely deserved to win! Nice job!

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