Step 5: Lid Handle

Third goal:  a lid-handle. 

1.  Take the tab off of the can top.

2.  Grab the left over sugru from the last step. 

3.  Press your small piece of sugru onto the small circle that was holding the tab. 

4.  Mold to your preferred shape.  I ended up making it pretty thin, which is fine.  I think next time I will try a different shape because it's a bit flimsy and I'm worried something will catch on it in my pack and tear it off.  But it works great so far!

That's the last step.  Onto the next page for results and observations. 
are you sure that the inside if the beer keg isn't coated with plastic/BPA?
just so you know, sugru is not food safe
Thanks for the info. I've emailed the folks at sugru to see if the lip-protector is okay. <br><br>It's not in contact with food ever, and doesn't contact any inner part of your mouth, so I'm guessing it's alright. If not, I'll edit the instructable to come up with a different way to approach that part.
I think silicone repair tape might be a good material for the lip protection. It's sold under lots of brand names 'Rescue Tape' for example; the highest-temp version is a sort of dull orange color (from the iron compounds that are added to it). Sugru would stick better to the sides, though.
I got a response from Sugru, and updated step 3 to reflect that.

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