A severed hand that twitches and grabs at those who come near! Make a convincingly gruesome addition to your Halloween costume or a tool for the perfect April Fools prank:

Of course, it isn't really severed, it's just an illusion! What you are going to make is a special glove that will make it look like you are holding a living, moving, human arm. In actuality, what people are seeing is your hand, passing straight through a "dummy" glove with an attached fake stump of an arm.

While the project takes a few hours to make (or more, depending on your attention to detail), it is silly-cheap and has a great effect!

Step 1: Material list

Picture of Material list
Things you are going to need for this project:

Main Components:
*a pair of heavy gloves (I opted for dollar store work gloves)
*shampoo bottle
*fabric (to be your "shirt" on the limb)
*pillow fill
*a sheet of white paper
*some nice squishy foam
*a wire coat hanger
*blood colored paint

*some nice sharp scissors
*hot glue gun
*wire cutters
*packing tape

*"Sculpey" or other clay that you can bake in your oven
*super glue

The gloves that you pick are going to be the most important part of the project. Theoretically, you only need one glove- but the effect is best if you are wearing two matching gloves. You'll want to buy or find some that are thick, sturdy, and have longish cuffs. Having no extra gloves laying around, I bought mine for only a buck and they worked pretty well.

Every item besides the gloves I had around the house already, meaning a total cost of $1. If you already have some gloves that you could use, the project could be practically free!

Total time spent on this project was in excess of 10 hours, over the course of several days. This includes all the trial and error that you will be able to avoid, thanks to this Instructable, however! More than one day will be needed, to allow for the paint to dry. Time that you will require depends on how much attention to detail you take.
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This was the one I made last year. It always amazes me that the home-made costumes have more "life" than the store-bought ones. It was hilarious to watch the parents freak out while it didn't faze the kids one bit. I guess that says something about the younger generation!!
" It always amazes me that the home-made costumes have more "life" than the store-bought ones."

Lol, I see what you did there ◖|◔◡◉|◗
JWDIYguy made it!5 months ago

Very original! I made this last Halloween and freaked out people! I used my Freddy mask as well as a dagger and a lumber jacket to make it even better!

myrrhmaid10 months ago

That's so badass!

NamedJohnny10 months ago

that is more than original!

dodo914 years ago
heres some photos! i had to do a little testing with the velcro to see where it goes. thats the only part i think u could explaing better. very good quality. using it while typing right now! I LOVE IT!
Video 61 0 00 05-26.jpgVideo 61 0 00 12-05.jpgVideo 61 0 00 17-19.jpgVideo 63 0 00 05-16.jpgVideo 63 0 00 12-04.jpgVideo 63 0 00 19-01.jpg
HarpoMaster dodo9110 months ago

Dude! That looks amazing! It really looks real.

Raitis10 months ago

After adding some more things this will make a great Halloween costume for me!

script_coded10 months ago
Wow! Really cool!
ruberns10 months ago
Brilliant, wish I had known how to do this a couple of years ago! X x x
Chillout11 months ago
awesome! I used this as an inspiration for my Addams family "thing" suit, pictures of my first prototype included. in the final version, it will be a nice box instead of a coffee box. It will be held by Gomez, who's wearing some fancy white gloves. Anyone who opens up the box, will find Thing inside.
wafflemaker87811 months ago
This is really cool!
yellowcatt1 year ago

Using a torn or cut shirt sleeve on the stump is a good idea.

You should be able to get that for free or a small donation from a charity/thrift store, just say what you want it for and they will probably let you have something from their rag pile of clothes too substandard to sell.

xallie1 year ago
Had a hard time understanding where to cut and where to put Velcro by looking at the pictures. Think I got i wrong, but manage to make it look somewhat good by using the thumb on the glove to hold up the stump.

xallie xallie1 year ago
Hmm, images does seem to be working. Link to the finished product :) ---> http://postimg.org/gallery/1fsbdju0/
jasonsj1 year ago
I think that using an old shirt sleeve gives a greater effect, since giving the arm the same sking colour of your own hand would be really hard. the sleeve would solve that problem instantly. GREAT JOB!
keitre1 year ago
hey, how about placing a real meat on the other end? chopping a short pork leg then insert it on the other end to look more real..
keitre keitre1 year ago
and it would look more realistic if you chop an end of a long sleeve to cover the severed fake arm.
Raf-ael5 years ago
This living severed hand was created by the Magician Kevin James from Las Vegas. He performed it on America got talent & he gave Marvins magic (UK) tye right to sell it in their magic set "freaky body illusions"
So all the credit goes to him for creating this wonderful illusion!
I have had mine for twenty years...
I had a plastic one of these in 1993.... I think Kevin James copied that one
Arghus1 year ago
that is great
Bettybstt1 year ago
Wow. If I were going Trick-or-Treating, this would be my pick! Great instructable - thanks for doing all the inventing.
this is amazingly awesome i am so impressed! thanks for sharing. Originality? A+++
CompGeekie1 year ago
Awesome! I'm going for a "fake" look! I've seen these rubber fake hands(with sleeves ) in the local Euro Giant, and I was thinking of buying one of them, so it actually looks like I'm holding and incredibly fake hand, but since my hand will be inside the rubber part (like a glove!) I will be able to move my fingers, and I won't have to cut off my tell-tale long nails. Hope that makes sense,lol!
am ii the only one that thinks this is GROSS!!!!!!
This is super cool! The man in the very top instructable is also handsome :) LOL
rjs8995 years ago
This was great. At least a dozen kids were too scared to even take the Halloween candy i was offering.

For the bone piece, I used a 1" rawhide bone dog chew. The coloring and texture was perfect, and i made it stick out about 2" from the fake arm. A little blood on the bone made it very realistic.

Oh this is perfect. I was wondering what to use for the bone piece. Thank you for the tip!
rjs899 rjs8995 years ago
I meant to say that the rawhide was 1" thick, and about 8" long.
dlcain3 years ago
I made one of these the other day, and my daughter wore it to her halloeen choir concert. She got a lot of comments about it, and it was funny to see her up there wearing it. She had a short solo part, and she used the "severed hand" to hold the mic. I heard a couple of laughs from the audience. GREAT IDEA!
HVahead3 years ago
you could also use some 1 inch thick sticks and break them so they splinter, then paint them white...
gplett3 years ago
Great idea. If I end up doing this, I think I'll grab a plaid flannel shirt from the thrift store and cut a sleeve from it for the stump. But totally a classic costume!
Couldn't you keep using the hand, as long as no one's looking?
wkortum4 years ago
kayla94 years ago
Best instructable ever! I tell everyone i found it in the parking and they're like let me see then i wiggle my fingers and they alost wet themselves! Thanks
mark2u4 years ago
I keep my hand still and when people ask me how I made such a realistic hand, I tell them I made a cast of my real hand. I suggest they touch it to see how real it feels and when they do... I wiggle my fingers. Don't do this if the person you are doing it to has a heart condition... because the reaction is sure to make them wet themselves! Great fun.
mberg4 years ago
sweet instructable man. my severed hand is awsome. the only trouble i had is the velcro because I didn't really understand how you did. the problem i have NOW is the glove swivelling around my wrist(its not that big of a deal).
Dreex1234 years ago
that's great, it's a good idea for halloween ! , This is the best instructable of Halloween.

Greetings from Chile
Thanks! This was a hit at our party last night.

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