Make a Madlib With Notepad





Introduction: Make a Madlib With Notepad

This instructable will teach you how to make a madlib with notepad.

Step 1: Open Notepad

Well, if you didn't notice, you need notepad. Just go to START, All programs, accessories, notepad.

Step 2: Write a Story

Go to word and write a story, and when your done, take out some words.

Step 3: Add Inputs

For every - you have type in this exactly on notepad:

str = inputbox ("

After that add: a for the first one,b for the second one and so on,c,d,e,f,...... after the str.

after that add whatever the word is ex: stra = inputbox ("Noun")
do that for each one

Step 4: Putting in the Story

Copy the story from word

then after all the str's have been writen type
msgbox "And then paste story here

for every dash take that out and put a & str... &


msgbox "The " & strA & "went to the" & strB & "and had fun."

do that on the same line until you are done with the story.

Step 5: Edit and Save

Saving might mess you up. You have to "Save as" then go to where it says Save as type put it to "All files" then save as Insertnamehere.VBS

To edit it right-cick its icon and click "edit".

Try it. If it doesn't work play with it or log it and I will get back to asap.

If it does work it won't have the spaces in the right places. Just go in and add them.

If done correctly, it should come out like this:

Step 6: You Are Done

You are done.



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    I have a great idea for this. Is it okay if i make an instructable with an improved version of this? PM me

    look, u said that we need to open note pad, ok! but in the pic above, u oppened microsoft word!! lol

    Tailslvr7_7 had the same problem as me

    Thanks, that was fun!! I'm going to do lots for my kids!

    If you have any trouble put it here:

    Problem! It said it had a syntax error with compiling it.

    cool! ilove madlibs! ill add as a fav!


    Can you post the full code with your story? Because I don't understand nothing xD

    cool. quite shiny