Step 3: Clean the Metal Using the Sandblaster

The surface of the aluminum piece was pretty banged up, mostly from before the water jet step, but it also had some artifacts from the 60,000 psi blast of water and abrasive.  I took it over to the sandblaster for a quick clean-up.  The result was a nice uniform gray finish.
I use old cd's hanging from a fishing swivel and fishing line, they throw rainbows of color and scare off birds and other unwanted critters (at least during the daylight)
It's purely an ornamental thing - as it spins, it's supposed to create an eye-catching motion, either in towards the center or out from the center, depending upon which direction it spins. No functionality beyond that.
Forgive my ignorance: what is a suncatcher? Is it just ornamental, or does anything more utilitarian?
That's fantastic. We used to make these out of 2 liters when I was little - this is much nicer! :)

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