Make a Mini Catapult Thingie




Introduction: Make a Mini Catapult Thingie

in this instructable i will show you how to make mini catapult this is my first instructable so please be truthfull but soft thank you.

Step 1: Materials

this instructable only requires 4 things 1 is optional    1. one wood clothes pin      2. two rubberbands             3. optional: duct tape             4.bottle cap           5. boxcutter

Step 2: Shaving

with your boxcutter cut the front of the clothespin until it is straight you will need to cut beside the metal

Step 3: Rubberband

wrap the rubberband around the part that you would normally pinch  to open the clamps not too tight or too loose just tight enough to keep the pinching part touching

Step 4: Put on the Ammo Launcher

now cut two parts of the wall of the bottle cap as seen below then wrap the remaining rubberband tightly in the cracks you cut  of course under the wood too. 

Step 5: Optional and Recommened



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    Firing instructions?

    in order to fire it you need to push on the back of the clothes pin until it touches the bottom half and then you let go (hopefully remembering to put ammo in the bottle cap)

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