Make a Mini Skyscraper


Introduction: Make a Mini Skyscraper

Be the master of your own universe by making a whole city of mini skyscrapers.
You will need yarn, the means to create a knitted tube (I used a Barbie knitting machine but you can use a spool knitter or knit by hand), Styrofoam block, and an embroidery needle.

Step 1: Create a Knitted Tube

Using your method of choice (crank knitting machine, spool knitter or knit by hand), create a tube long enough to fit inside your Styrofoam block.

Step 2: Construction

Once your tube is long enough, slide the Styrofoam inside and close the ends.

Step 3:

Using an embroidery needle and scrap yarn, add windows and doors to your skyscraper.



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    i've never seen such a machine!:) it looks really nice! so does your block!