In this instructable you will learn how to build an alcohol powered mini spud gun that can shot from airsoft bb's to homemade darts.

You will need:

- A thick plastic canister. (the thicker the better)
- A tube. (Aluminum works the best but plastic can also do the job)
- A piezoelectric igniter.
- 2x metallic screws.
- Plastic coated wire.
- Epoxy (or similar).
- Sandpaper (optional but recommendable)

Step 1:

Drill a hole into the canister, I recommend doing a tight hole so epoxy won't be needed to hold the barrel in place, I strongly recommend using a thick canister, at least 2mm.

Important: The canister will have to deal with a strong pressure so you must avoid using plastics which can easily shatter, a hinge lid will open releasing the pressure if the barrel gets stuck with no consequences for the person who uses it, a threaded cap won't let the pressure go out, even most of the canisters can easily hold the pressure it's recommended to use one with a hinge lid.

The bigger the canister it is the smaller the explosion will be, this is because alcohol requires a small volume to quickly rise up its pressure and temperature (Ideal gas law), the optimal volume is around 15cc and 30cc, to calculate its volume put the canister in a scale and zero it, the weigh of the water in grams will equal the volume in cubic centimeters.
Where is the best place to get a piezo like yours?
I got mine from an electric lighter, you know... those ones that make a "click" noise when you lit them.

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