Every boy have the dream to make a car. Days ago I made a Never Fall Beetle, it’s very funny and so many people said the like it. Here it will make another toy car, which is much smaller and, it’s programmable.

I am not going to use Shield Bot again, I will cut the car body with wooden board. And today I will just make a basic version, that means if you want you make a full and cool car, you need to make something yourself.

There is 3 sensor include:

  • Digital compass to detect the direction
  • IR distance sensor to detect black line
  • Ultrasonic sensor to detect the edge of desk, to avoid falling

I will improve the code and outline when I get time.

Step 1: Prepare the Stuff

The stuff is in 3 parts, electronic modules, the wooden board and others.

Electronic modules:

Grove – Joint is a very small Arduino compatible board, the 2 on-board Grove ports is enough for so many application, and it’s only 30x15mm size.

Wooden and laser cutter.

  • 3mm wooden board

3D Print a lampshade:

You can find a laser cutter easily if there’s a maker space near from you. I can say that every maker space has a laser cutter. If you can’t find the wooden board of a laser cutter, you can try the laser cutting service supply by Seeed.

<p>m not getting please tell me how to make a sinple remote controller</p>
<p>Thx so much it is so cool!</p>

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