Here is a simple way to make a parachute out of household items. 
These chutes will work with model rockets, and other hand thrown items.
All that is needed is:
• Plastic film, a trash can liner or other thin plastic sheet about 20" square.
• Dental floss, or other high strength light weight string.
• Tape, masking or cellophane packing.
• Ruler, marker (permanent), and scissors.

Step 1: Mark Center, Fold, and Cut

Mark a circle and dot in the center.  This is for reference to cut a spill hole later if wanted.
Fold this in half, then into 3 equal parts.
Add a little tape to hold it in this position.
Mark equal length down each side and then cut square across the bottom.
In this case I made a 17" parachute.

Step 2: Measure Out Cords and Attach

Measure out 3 cords that go from a corner to the middle of the opposite edge to the adjacent corner.
Make a tape mounting pad about 1/2"
Make a loop in one end of a cord and attach to the parachute at a corner.
The tape side is the outside of the parachute. 
Attach the other end to the adjacent corner.
Do this with the other 2 cords.
You should now have all corners attached to strings.

Step 3: Gather and Tie

Gather up the 6 corners, so you can pull the cords even.
Tie a knot in the end and your ready to mount in the rocket.
<p>im so going to use this it looks great</p>
<p>Im gonna use this for my science project thanks!</p>
Heh same!! ;3
<p>were in the same class &gt;U&lt;</p>
<p>This was very easy and very helpful! I just made mine out of an old bread bag. I've just started playing with model rockets and this is a very helpful tutorial. Good job! Quick question, is there any way to get rid of the wax on dental floss? My parachute's lines kept sticking to each other and twisting up. Should I just use different string?</p>
<p>You can buy &quot;non-waxed dental floss&quot; try google. </p><p>Richard</p>
<p>i made this when i was in 3rd grade . that simple</p>
<p>Yes, so did I. Still thought it worth sharing.</p><p>Rich</p>
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<p>lol... </p><p>Yes, I did a little photo shop and smudged the fingerprint. </p><p>Rich</p>
<p>Your comment here has made me notice the blurring in the image also. Actually i think that <a href="https://www.instructables.com/member/Qsilverrdc/" rel="nofollow">Qsilverrdc</a> is pretty smart to do that in this modern age. I take it on board as a lesson in online security..</p>
<p>WHAAAAT!!!!!!!!!! people cut off their finger prints to hide their identity which is mostly a murderer or a robber. I dont trust this guy!!! he wont answer for himself </p>
<p>it doesn't look very blurred to me!! it looks more like a scar from where they have been cut off!!!</p>
<p>if you dont answer ill have the police on you!</p>
Cool didnt think about this. Nice!

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