Introduction: Make a Mold of a Real Fish!

Ever wonder how you could make a custom lure by molding an actual fish and then adding features to make it your own? This video takes you through step-by-step as we make a mold from a dead gizzard shad found at the boat landing.  We then work on adding the features to give it the desired action in the water.  But will it catch muskie??    Give this video a watch and see how Brad Miller did on the water. Additional product information and videos can be found at


poofrabbit (author)2013-08-23

GREAT video! So informative for any type of mold making!

Samuel kos (author)2013-08-22

Why can't I view the video?

AlumiliteCorp (author)Samuel kos2013-08-23

I tested the video and it's working properly. Sorry you're having problems. You can view it directly on YouTube by clicking this link. Hopefully this works for you.

Samuel kos (author)AlumiliteCorp2013-08-23

Thank you

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