Make a Nail Shooter


Introduction: Make a Nail Shooter

This will show you how to make a nail shooter out of a nail (whoa) and a rubber band.


Step 1: Get the Materials

You will need:

pliers (2 will make it easier to bend the nails)
rubber band (doesnt have to be thick, thinner ones are easier to use) its up to you
a pile of nails (I use ones that are about and inch long)

Step 2: Bend the Nail(s)

Bend the nails using the pliers. It makes it easier to hold if you bend it so there is more of the head end that is not bent. So its not quite center. Keep making them until you get bored or run out of nails. Whichever comes first.

Step 3: FIRE!!

Hold the rubber band between your thumb and forefinger, hold the nail in the other hand, pull back and release. IT WILL TRAVEL VERY, VERY, VERY FAST. Find targets (preferably inanimate objects) to fire at. This one was shot at a wall.



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     it would probably just be chance- maybe curved in the air and happened to stick the wall

    ya or pressed it in by hand. b/c the head end would stick in aswell

    in year ten we made this and my freinds shoot them at my gut there not that dangrous you just have to cover your eyes with you palms, they do brake the skin but its not that hurts less then a paint ball

    @$#& you FF6600 this is exactly what this site needs, so what if its dangerouse if no one ever took a risk we would never have any fun. Way to go bicyclelifestyle

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    Did you call him an orange? (hex key color for FF6600)

    yep... actually just the color... not the fruit

    The translation for it is "@$#& you ORANGE this is exactly what this site needs, so what if its dangerouse if no one ever took a risk we would never have any fun. Way to go bicyclelifestyle" lol!

    How did you shoot the nail so that it would stick into the wall? I can shoot but I can't get it to stick into anything. Can you post a video a video showing how to shoot it so it will stick into your target? I will greatly appreciate it. thanks!

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    he probably shot a whole bunch until one just happened to stck into the wall...

    Lmao, this sounds like an awesome thing to do
    (I wrote about 5 paragraphs before but my computer had a blue screen)
    Basically, Rubberband + hairclip (Less dangerous than a nail) = Hiphemur (Blood in the eyeball, and 50/50 chance of eye returning to normal.) It cost me 100 to go to the hospital for it, then 300 more to go to the eye specialist to make sure it was all sweet.
    Just keep in mind, this was from the HAIRCLIP hitting my eyelid, at the top of my eye, not the eyeball... Nor with a nail. Have fun, but dudes... Just be careful.
    I myself was one of those who thought it was just a load of Taurus Excretum to lose an eye... The pain is horrific, not to mention the muscles hurting like buggery with the light transitions...
    *Captain Safety flies away*
    Just have fun.

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    My friend gave me the same injury with a pool toy. I couldn't code for 2 months D: I couldn't even watch TV because my eye could have bled out again... I feel your pain.

    ouch.that would hurt.a lot.

    i hat you i pulled it back and it cought on the rubber band an tuck in my neck

    I shot it at a telephone pole from like 20 feet away a ndwhen I went to get it I couldnt pull it out

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    sounds like it should work then...

    thats a boring instructable it probably sucks

    What if it backfires and sticks though your thumb?

    For those confused at how to hold it. Put your fingers in an "L" shape. Then loop the rubber band around.