Make a Nice Marzipan Rose for Your Cake.





Introduction: Make a Nice Marzipan Rose for Your Cake.

So you think of baking a cake for an upcoming birthday or maybe a surprise for your girlfriend/wife?
Aren't those marzipan roses just good looking on top of some cakes?
Well lets make one! It's not that hard really.
All you need is some marzipan and some red caramel colour ( you can buy red marzipan in stores but I prefer to buy white and color it myself. Green can be used for leafs etc :-)
Please check out my video on the next page to learn how to do it.

Hope you enjoy it.

Step 1: And Here We Go Again...

No further instructions are needed. Just watch the movie :-)



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I love the video, but my marzipan has a totally different texture than yours - sticky and limp, not stiff at all. How do you control the texture of the confection?

try doing the same thing with fondant (Sugar paste) or gum paste

That was so cool. Kudos for the Benny Hill music and the fast forward, that really cracked me up!

Careful what food coloring you use though - some kinds will stain your hands for weeks! Nice Instructable!

(believe me, I found that out the hard way)

that wouldn't be too bad for the cake contest

Marzipan I always pronunced it martsy pon and it tastes great just by itself ! This is awesome.

That's really cool. What song is that? The name escapes me xD

dude thats like the best song in the world!!! the benny hill theme song!!!


"We're sorry, this video is no longer available."