Introduction: Make a Nice Marzipan Rose for Your Cake.

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So you think of baking a cake for an upcoming birthday or maybe a surprise for your girlfriend/wife?
Aren't those marzipan roses just good looking on top of some cakes?
Well lets make one! It's not that hard really.
All you need is some marzipan and some red caramel colour ( you can buy red marzipan in stores but I prefer to buy white and color it myself. Green can be used for leafs etc :-)
Please check out my video on the next page to learn how to do it.

Hope you enjoy it.

Step 1: And Here We Go Again...

No further instructions are needed. Just watch the movie :-)


omakii (author)2009-09-26

I love the video, but my marzipan has a totally different texture than yours - sticky and limp, not stiff at all. How do you control the texture of the confection?

eedmonds (author)omakii2010-01-03

try doing the same thing with fondant (Sugar paste) or gum paste

Sheebadedog (author)2008-10-29

That was so cool. Kudos for the Benny Hill music and the fast forward, that really cracked me up!

Hello Kitty (author)2008-05-09

Careful what food coloring you use though - some kinds will stain your hands for weeks! Nice Instructable!

Hello Kitty (author)Hello Kitty2008-05-09

(believe me, I found that out the hard way)

the Masteria (author)2008-05-08

that wouldn't be too bad for the cake contest

Rocky24 (author)2008-04-29

Marzipan I always pronunced it martsy pon and it tastes great just by itself ! This is awesome.

N0s3Nugg3t (author)2007-05-30

That's really cool. What song is that? The name escapes me xD

sinistir7 (author)N0s3Nugg3t2008-04-25

dude thats like the best song in the world!!! the benny hill theme song!!!

Patrik (author)2007-12-31


"We're sorry, this video is no longer available." (author)Patrik2008-01-01

Patrik, It seems to have been a temporary problem, since the video is working great now.

Patrik (author)hobbyman.se2008-01-01

Ah. Yes it does - thanks!

woodknot (author)2007-05-25

As soon as I saw your little window pop up I had to look at this one. The black and white swirly frosting with the red rose were so stunning. I wanted to see the whole cake. Boy was I disappointed. On the other hand, it was a nice instructional. I agree with everyone about the fast forward, it surprised me because at first I didn't have the sound on. I suggest you end it with an array of rosed that you made. Maybe different colors, add the leaves you mentioned. Then the finale, show the cake. Thanks (author)woodknot2007-05-28

Hi woodknot and thx for your comment. I have to dissapoint you... The black and white swirly frosting is nothing but the pattern on the plate the rose were lying on :-) Cheers.

westfw (author)2006-10-29

Nicely produced video. Good use of the "fast forward" effect. (I'd still like an occasional still picture. The typical 320x240 or less video just doesn't have the impact of a megapixel still...)

fungus amungus (author)westfw2006-10-30

The fast-forward effect is good, but there are way too many repeated actions. With some editing you can easily get the same message across in less than half the time. Cut out the excess and leave the tasty info to shine.

Your wish is my law. The movie has been updated now. It's shorter and have not as many repeated actions as before... Some image level adjustments have been added too. Hope you are satisfied now :-) Cheers

Much better. The new image levels seem to play well with YouTube as well. You could also look into crossfading from one point to another. For example, right after you start putting the gloves on you can fade into you pulling them tight. This way, the viewer knows what happens and can fill in the gap. Something to keep in mind for the next video.

Thx for the reply. It's always fun with responses. You got a point in this matter. There are some repeated actions and I agree that some cutting here and there would shorten the clip alot. Think my ego was the reason for not doing it this time :-) Cheers!

zachninme (author)2006-10-30

Why not adorn the gloves at the beginning? And use them the whole way through? (author)zachninme2006-10-30

The "feeling" is kinda lost when using that kind of gloves. They are to big and just irritating since they tend to slip of your hands all the time. Atleast for me they did. Best to use would be surgical gloves. Same ones as tattoo workers have I think.

sumguysr (author)2006-10-28

this would look even more realistic if you mixed up some colored simple syrup and airbrushed it on (author)sumguysr2006-10-28

I agree sumguysr, unfortunately I don't have any airbrush tools :-)

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