Picture of Make a nice spice-rack on the cheap!
I made(modify'ed) this Visually Stunning spice rack for around 15-20 dollars. Not including the cost of the spices of course. 
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Step 2:

I drilled holes for the dowels and then after applying a little glue, I set all the pieces in place. While everything was drying, I began emptying all my spices into there new homes. I kept a few of the nicer glass jars to re-use. I keep chilli powder and garlic in the big ones... Since my new spice jars had hole I lined them with foil. I may go back and actually seal some of them with silicone putty or something, but then again that might be overkill.

I wanted to keep them unlabeled for a clean look, but practicality(my mom:P) reared its gruesome head, so I made the labels using using avery medium size peel and stick. 
Pro Tip  - Use a wide strip clear tape to 'laminate' the labels before you cut them out!

Well I think thats about it! 
flammaefata2 years ago
Very cool! I guess you could also label them on the lids or keep the labelled side to the back if you wanted the clean look. Maybe if you cut the labels in a circle as big as the top you could kill two flies with one stone by labelling the bottles cleanly and closing the holes at the same time. But I like your labels as well - quite professional!
ChrysN3 years ago
Cool, that looks really nice and sure holds a lot.
airex (author)  ChrysN3 years ago
Thanks! =)