Picture of Make a paper balloon
This Instructable will show you how to make a paper balloon. This is my first Instructable so give me some tips or questions if needed. If my instructions are to confusing refer to pictures. It isn't the best, but many people like it. I actually sold one on the bus for 5$.

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
All you need for this Instructable is a piece of paper and your breath. Any piece of paper will work, just make sure it's big enough for some folding, it also has to be a square or a rectangle. If it's already a square you can skip the next step. I used a piece of plain white paper because it was the closest piece of paper to me.

Step 2: Make a square

Picture of Make a square
logan sd card 264.jpg
logan sd card 265.jpg
If you don't already know how to make a square I'll show you. First I folded the paper diagonally from the top right corner to be even with the left side. I just folded the corner to the side. After you get it folded you may either cut or rip the loose part under the fold. Unfold the paper, you should now have a square piece of paper.
If you are using notebook paper you might want to fold it over to the red line because the holes will let some air out, rip off the side with holes on it after folding.
The picture that says rip off is the bottom of the first picture (the loose end).

Step 3: Fold into waterbomb base

Picture of Fold into waterbomb base
logan sd card 268.jpg
logan sd card 269.jpg
logan sd card 270.jpg
This is the most difficult step. I folded the paper the other direction diagonally the make an X with the folds. After I have made the X I held the middle of the two sections across from each other, pushed the two sides together, and then smashed it down with the two parts I was holding on to in the middle, and the two other sections flat on top and bottom.
I highlighted the X for you to understand what I mean.

Step 4: Make the inside

Picture of Make the inside
logan sd card 272.jpg
After you have made the triangle you fold up the loose ends to the top to make it into a diamond. Both side should be done like this. (This step is very easy, but very hard to explain).

Step 5: Fold in the edges of diamond

Picture of Fold in the edges of diamond
logan sd card 274.jpg
Now that the diamond is finished you have to fold in the loose edges. This is done by taking the loose edges on the sides and folding them into the middle. This has to be done on both sides.
(The black is from the marker on the X).

Step 6: Finished

Picture of Finished
logan sd card 276.jpg
You have finished the balloon. Now all you have to do is blow into the side that has the hole in it, make sure your fingers are between the two sides. If you are having trouble getting it to expand just make the hole bigger. Any further questions just ask, I'm almost always on my message board.
The picture with hands is how you should hold it when you blow it up.
Kiteman5 years ago
That's pretty good. Did you know that you can fill them with gas from a lighter to make a simple rocket? Or water, to make "bomb"?
how can you make a bomb with water and a lighter with bollon
You fill it with water and throw it (the "bomb"), or you fill it with a long squirt of butane and then hold a flame to the small hole (the "rocket").
EncasedDeath (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
EncasedDeath (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
yeah its really fun until it is a bomb, the its kinda scary.
this is an AWESOME INSTRUCTABLE !!!!!!!!!! you get 5 stars and a subscription
Hey thanks thats really awesome you think that.
=SMART=5 years ago
I dont think it needs anything ! Good pictures and good description !
EncasedDeath (author)  =SMART=5 years ago
oh, cool thanks. i just finished my new instructable today. Its origami too.
EncasedDeath (author) 5 years ago
so wat does it need to make it better?