Recently I posted an instructable about a footswitch to hide all the windows in Windows XP, but I spend most of the time in Linux programming drupal websites, so I made this one to be used "At work also" =P

The other day I found an old unused sports wheel, along with its foot pedals, I thought it will be nice to use the pedals to rotate the cube desktop in Linux, just to show off or impress some new customers... well not really.

I have configured my Linux Desktop Effects (I have installed Ubuntu 8.04) this way:
When you press Ctrl + Alt + Right arrow the cube turns right, and
When you press Ctrl + Alt + Left arrow the cube rotates to the left.

So we'll be making a switch to mechanically press the keys in the right order to achieve the effect

This instructable is VERY cheap, but it requires a little bit of work.

Thank you and have fun!

P.S. Some extra pics at: my blog

Step 1: Parts Needed

This instructable is ALMOST the same that https://www.instructables.com/id/Easy_stealth_footswitch_pedal_to_minimize_window/

so, most of the steps are the same.

Parts needed:

1) A computer with linux and the rotating desktop cube installed (I have installed Ubuntu 8.04)
2) An unused / old / not working wheel game with pedals, you will only need the pedals. I think it doesn't matter which model is, we will make custom switches
3) An unused old keyboard - for the keys functionality (I had A LOT of unused keyboards at home)
4) Some foamy sheet - I found one at a handcraft shop, you don't even need a full sheet, just a little bit square inches.
5) A multimeter - not a must, but it really helps to check everything OK
6) A soldering iron
7) A dremel tool
8) Some cable, about 10 ft.
9) Plyers, tape, solder, tin foil, scotch tape, etc...

can you show me the electronic inside the pedals because i want to make a pedals to play games? thanks.<br />
Hi there, thanks for your comment!<br /> <br /> Mmm, I'm afraid I don't know how to do that, I salvaged the pedal exactly because I needed just the mechanical movement, but all the electronics were removed, they won't ever work again to play games.<br /> <br /> Or I misunderstood your question? Let me know.<br /> <br /> Thanks!<br />
i'm asking to see the circuit component so that i can make one.<br /> thanks
I'd love one of these.. mostly for the gimmick factor but also because it would save time in photo editing. I have Ctrl+2 as "switch to workspace 2" and Ctrl+Shift+2 as "move this window to workspace 2"- I wonder if you can do key combinations across more then one keyboard? Hold shift and press a pedal to move a window...
Nice idea, the idea behind that kind of plastic "switches" and the foamy ladder is to press first one key, and then, while holding that key, press another one, tho achieve the same effect of pressing a key and it's modifier key. I guess you can wire the "Ctrl" and the "2" keys to the swtches under the left pedal (for example), and change the viewport while you hold the shift key in your keyboard. Did I get you right?
Exactly- Ctrl and 2 under the switch, shift as an optional modifier to move the window rather than the view.
Hey! just to know if you got into doing your own pedal for your app, any news?
So, I think you can keep the project as it is, just replace the "Left arrow" and "Right arrow" cables and solder them to the microcontroller pins of the correspondent "2" and "3" keys, this way you can access the 2nd and 3rd viewport in your cube, and when you hold the shift key the window will be dropped to that viewport. What do you think?
<em>Hold shift and press a pedal to move a window...</em><br/><br/>A computer with a manual transmission?<br/>
Hahaha, nice tought!!! Hahahaha!!!

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