This instructable will show you how to make a permanent-marker-remover out of an empty text marker and some nail-polish remover.
With the power of nail-polish remover and the precision of a text marker, you can easily clean away any small permanent-marker stain!

Step 1: What You Need

For this project you'll need:
  • some nail polish remover
  • an (empty) text marker
  • a sharp knife or a hacksaw
  • some heavy-duty tape (electrical tape works fine)
  • a tissue or paper towel
<p>Or if its a shiny surface (whiteboard, ceramic, metal &amp; hard plastics etc) you could just scribble over the mark with a white board (non-permanent) marker and wipe off while it's still wet.</p>
<p>Bought a pair of leather shoes at a charity shop and they had written the price in permanent marker on the sole (leather) Still trying to remove it.<strong><em> Note</em></strong>: Poor people don't mind walking around with their poverty on display, do they?</p>
<p>Wouldn't straight acetone with a small cloth or Q-tip be much easier?? Naptha works too....</p>
<p>Fill it with Goof Off grafitti remover</p>
Or you could just go over the mark with another permanent marker and wipe them both off while it's still wet. Works every time.
Neat idea, but I'd recommend using non-acetone nail polish remover. Or will it not work as well?
I'm not sure. I haven't tried non-acetone nail-polish remover yet but that would be a good idea.
If you can refill it by holding the tip in nail polish remover, why do you have to cut the end off in the first place? Can't you just stand the tip in some nail polish remover for a while?
You can do that, but I recommend cutting off the end so that the nail-polish remover washes out any leftover ink and fully saturates the cartridge.
Neat idea, I use a dry erase marker. I draw over the permanent marker line with the dry erase marker and then wipe it off with a paper towel. Something in the dry erase marker seems to break up the permanent ink. Works really well on white-boards when the previous presenter was to lazy to check what kind of marker he had (ask me how I know)
Cool idea, but wouldn't it be a better idea to use pure acetone (paint thinner) than nail polish remover? The problem with using the nail polish remover is that not everything will evaporate away. It contains acetone, along with other stuff like gelatin, etc... Acetone also evaporates very quickly and is good at replacing water, so it won't lave a wet patch all over your erased section. I don't think acetone would break up the paper into wet little balls like I predict nail polish remover might. Maybe I would recommend a highlighter case as well..
Some nail polish removers do contain 100% acetone.
Acetone is very volatile, meaning it will evaporate quickly, and you don't want to inhale to much. It's a good idea to keep it capped, but I'm unsure how airtight your cap is.
Wow! Looks great! Too bad it wont work on paper!
Pretty cool, been popping out the cork in cheapo highlighters to extract the florescent dye, ive wound up washing the cartridges and tips on a few of these and thinking these should be useful for something. <br><br>and now I know one thing to try out in them! may try making another one full of goof-off or goo-gone.
sound like a good idea!

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