Step 4: Hang Your Template

Now you just stick the paper on the wall. (I'm reusing the same picture from the last step, sorry if the surprise has been ruined.) As you can see from the picture, I had some crinkling issues. You can just smooth the paper from the center as you go. This is where you should check for total composition level by measuring the distances from the floor/ceiling to your frame outlines on both ends of the paper. A bubble or laser level works too- whatever level of precision you want to bring to the party is great.
<p>Great idea. I've been wondering how I'd do a bunch of frames I have that make up a single art piece. I now know how, thanks.</p>
<p>This is going straight into my bedroom. I've got so many projects I wanna do right now, but this definitely bumps into the top of the queue! Having this combined with matching sheets and throw pillows is gonna turn my bedroom into a perfect mama nest! :)</p>
Wow I love this! I have done something similar before but this is perfect for my hallway wall!
great idea with wrapping paper!
Wow you have done a great job. and have given me help on how to do my family photo wall. Thanks :)

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