Halloween is coming up soon and maybe you or your kids are about to dress up as a pirate?

This is an easy instruction on how you make your own pirate eye patch out of old package cardboard (from an old souppackage, kellogs etc)...

Step 1: Draw Your Eye Patch on the Board...

Use a pen and draw the shape of your eye patch. Don't make it to small. It's easy to make it smaller later on...
<p>&quot;my holes are ready&quot; you could not have worded that worse...</p>
Love it :D <br>thank you .. it was simple,clear and helpful
&nbsp;I love this. Awesome tips. <a href="http://piratecostumehub.com/" rel="nofollow">Pirate</a> eye patches are amazing!!
Everyone needs an eyepatch. Thanks!!<br />
wow, thanks!
whered you get the string
Or you could be a ninja and not suck. I AM NINJA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As a pirate meself, oi would advoise this ta me crew. Although, oi'd advoise usin' safety scissors, as they aren't too good wit' tharr hook-eye-coordinashin.
not to take away from this instructable, very nic eby the way, but it seems the materials needed, unless you already have them would cost more than just buying the eyepatch. last ahlloween at walmart, they had eye patches for 96 cents that came with a clipon earring.
this is awesome! i just made one for my Lucia Nahashi cosplay costume! awesome! now I don't have to look for an eyepatch to modify for this costume! yay thanks! lol y didnt i have the brains to think of this? this is the ultimate cosplay creativity flow i need to tap into...
Yargh, good for the young'ns who want to be like Uncle Pirate. Can't be giving out my Human Leather eyepatches.
Uh, aren't eyepatches like 88 cents at wal-mart?
Remember the 3 Rs! Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
Hey! Don't waste that money!
Agreed. I like this!
Thank You very much for this instructable it will come in VERY handy near halloween.
Thx a lot for your positive comment.
this is just what i needed. for this halloween, i'm just gonna wear an eyepatch and carrying around a bunch of blank CD's. get it?
i did everything you said, but instead of wasting my ink, i used an old black binder and got the cardboard from there and used the black plastic cover to cover the cardboard and it turned out pretty well it looks sort of leathery. sorry i dont have any pictures because i have no digital camera anymore. my sister broke it.

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