In stead of buying plastic planting pots you can make a tool so you can make your own planting pots out of news paper. When the plant is ready to put in your garden you just dig down the hole thing, including the pot. The pot will naturally dissolve by time...

You can make this in an even easier way using a whine bottle (or a beer can, or even a toilet paper roll ): . This instructable will provide a way to make pots in any size and with a punched bottom.

The pots are made by rolling news paper around a template and then punch the bottom to make it keep together. You can also "glue" the pot with a small amount of water. You can do this using a beer can or something else cylindrical with a hole in the bottom. But I decided to make a small tool similar to commercial available alternatives.

English is not my first language so please help me out if something is wrong or just silly - thanks!

Step 1: Materials

- You will need a template for the pots. This template should be cylindrical and will set the size of pots
- Then you need something to make a hole in the template to be able to punch in the bottom, I used a drill
- I don't know the word, but I had a stick for putting up curtains which I will be using as the punching part
- Then you need a base to mount the punching part onto
- And optionally a small screw

You will also need some basic wood-working tools:
- Some kind of a saw
- Some kind of a drill
- A knife
- Optionally also a screwdriver

An optional construction would be to use one of those plastic feet you put under furniture to avoid scratches in the floor. I think you should use the hard kind, not the kind with felt on top.

<p>Since you requested. Whine is when a child wants something. Wine is an alcoholic drink made from grapes. Whole is not half and not a quarter, but the whole apple. Hole is an empty spot in something, like digging a hole. Other than that your English is excellent. Homonyms are terrible. They sound the same but are spelled different.</p>
Really good idea. Thanks for sharing.
great idea
Thanks, a very good idea and I will start today already to make the tools needed for to make the pots.
This is great. Those looks awesome. :D

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