This is my first instructable. In it I will teach you what I foud out how to do one day with a rubber band and a plastic card. It will teach you how to make a plastic card fly fairly strait.

Warning: This has some power behind it, so it's not my fault or the instructables site if anyone or anything gets hurt or broken!

Step 1: How to Hold the Rubber Band

You need to hold the rubber band inbetween your index finger and your thumb. Look at the picture if you're not sure.

Step 2: How to Hold the Card and Were to Put It

With the rubber band still inbetween your index finger and thumb, with your other hand put the left corner of the card barly through the rubber band so you can grab it with your index finger and thumb. Look at the picture if you are confussed.

Step 3: This Step Will Show You How to Launch It

Ok so you know it's kind of tricky to do sometimes and it will sometimes hit your thumb or finger, so the best way I found out to launch it is to angle the card so it clear of your fingers (refer to step 2) and right when you let go of the card fling your hand thats holding onto the rubber band forward, not letting go of the rubber band though. If done right it should fling the card forward. Like I said it has some power behind it because i didnt have it clear of my thumb wich it hit and it broke the skin open wich hurt like a bitch! Oh ya and have fun- Double E!
cool instructable! these things are powerful... but i didnt like it hitting my finger either so i attached a circle of strong yarn to the end of a pencil then attached the Rubber band to the circle and held the other end of the pencil while shooting :D
Nice I might have to try that I'm into throwing cards now though lol
Very nice first intructable- watch the language though ;)
I see no problem with swearing. If it's offensive to you, then you should probably get off the internet? :)
We do have a be nice policy, though, so keep it within bounds.<br />
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