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Have you ever been in a car or at work and you're tuned into the radio, and every five minutes the same playlist plays over and over again? As if repetition isn't bad enough they don't even seem to play anything you like? Or they play a song you like way to much and slowly you start to dislike it because of the high repeat rate? Or for some other reason you're just not feeling the radio. Well the solution is simple, just turn off the radio! Oh but wait what if you like music and want to continue listening in hopes of hearing a song you'll enjoy. well then you can play music from your phone or ipod! There is another issue, your speaker on your device isn't loud enough to fully enjoy :c. What if there was some way to use your radio as an amp for your device? As you might already know there is a way. well a few ways! You can sync your device through your car using a bluetooth feature! But what if you don't have that option? Don't worry! Out of all the questions I give you an answer! If you don't have a bluetooth sync feature on your car or radio then you can make your very own FM transmitter! As some of you may know FM transmitters can be purchased at stores online and locally but what is the fun of that? Would you want one off the assembly line or one of kind crafted by you for you? I like taking the DIY route for a lot of reasons. I hope since you're on a very well known DIY site you too share the same feeling! For those of you who don't know what a FM transmitter is, it is a device that transmits audio to a radio station. Now the one we will be making is low powered and has a range of about 10 feet. I have tested mine and I was able to get a perfect sound qaulity from my bedroom to my dinning room which is about ten feet if I had to guess. I made mine for work and it serves a great purpose! The best part about this one is it is pocket sized and fits very nicely into an altoids tin! A very popular choice of enclosures amongst the instructables community. If I have captured your attention and you would like to make one of these then please lets get started :)
KalTol19941 year ago
it's it capable of stereo? The headphone jack looks to be mono.

can radio (fm) do stereo?


out-of-the-box (author)  KalTol19941 year ago
The plug I used is mono.