How to make a portable handy lie detector in Altoid tin

Step 7: Done.

Picture of Done.
Now your lie detector is ready to go. first, put the finger pad to the finger of the 'suspect'
then, slowly, turn the VR until the 'true' LED is light, and the 'false' LED is dark.
then, ask a question to the suspect , when the false LED get light, the suspect is lying.
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So cool. I'm going to make one of these. Thanks for posting!
Boowiggins4 years ago
I SO want to make one of these! Thanks. I'm going to extend the LEDs and position holes in the lid, so that when closed I can still tell if the Joker is lying! And now, "To the Batcave!"
microboard5 years ago
Great instructable! Keep up  the good work