You will need: A ruler, scissor, a knife, strike anywhere matches, velcro, tape and a cutting surface.

Step 1: Start

Tear off two pieces of tape and put them sticky side to sticky side together. They should be twice as long as the matches.

Step 2: Trim Edge

Step 3: Cut the Tape

Cut the tape in half 

Step 4: Make the Pocket

Tear of two pieces of tape. 

Step 5:

Take the tape you made first and tape the upper tape to the lower tape

Step 6: Finish the Pocket

Tear of a long piece of tape and stick the pocket on it.

Step 7: Make the Lid

Step 8: Add the Velcro

Step 9: Putting in Matches

<p>nice....look mine maded with a piece of Cardboard bended in 3 lenghts and glue....I make a sketch of it because the kit is in my helpbox in my car</p>

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